Ten years without Nestor Kirchner

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    He was president when I arrived in May 2005 and the country had just about recovered from the 2001 disaster with fairly low inflation, the dollar at around AR$3 and you could do things like buy on Amazon like in any other country.

    Then everything changed when his wife became president in 2007 and we know the rest, including how much public money he, his wife and cronies are alleged to have stolen.

    This very emotional moment is all I can remember from 26th October 2010.

  • I very well remember Oct 26, 2010: the disturbing co-opting of a religious hymn as a political pledge to Cristina, her pounding her heart in an outpouring to Las Madres, the rampant conspiracy theories regarding riches purportedly interred with Nestor, his relationship with Maximo, etc.