Bolivian elections in Buenos Aires today

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    I have been going near the Embassy of Bolivia a couple of times in the last 10 days, and both times there was a protest/march outside.

    I don't understand why Bolivians elections happen in public Argentinian schools, and if this is only in Buenos Aires / Argentina or worldwide.

    According to the article, most Bolivians in Argentina will vote for Evo Morales, and this should help him get back in power.

    But Evo already served too many mandated, and already made a sly move once to stay longer than allowed (I can't remember exactly the stunt he pulled, there was a documentary on Netlifx about him and about Manuel Correa, president of Ecuador).

    That documentary is no longer on Netflix but the episode on Evo is available here:

  • Except for this pandemic time, we are always in Argentina during the US elections, and yes, we always march over to the US Embassy with our votes. So why does it seem strange to me that Bolivians living in Argentina, themselves not subject to Morales, should be allowed to help keep him in power? I haven’t figured out why I think it’s OK for me to vote from afar when I look askance at Bolivians doing the same thing. But they just don’t seem to have any skin in the game, unlike the people who are living and working in Bolivia.

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    Although I personally am not in favour of representation without taxation, I don't see an issue if Bolivia allows its citizens to vote from abroad. What I don't understand is why 36 Argentinian schools are used for this purpose and if this is happening only in Argentina. A quick research reveals that Bolivians can vote by mail, so what is the need to use Argentinian public property to host elections?

    Italians can either mail their vote or bring it personally to the dedicated mailbox available outside of the consulate. And I believe there are fare more voters in Italian elections than Bolivians.

    Cómo votar desde el extranjero

    En estas elecciones se podrá votar a través de dos medios diferentes: anticipado o por correo. El Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores se encarga de tramitar "la organización del voto anticipado en el extranjero". En cuanto al voto por correo, los bolivianos que residan en el extranjero podrán pedirlo durante el periodo del voto anticipado y el día de las elecciones.

    Los bolivianos que residen en Argentina tendrán autorización para circular el próximo domingo y así poder acudir a las escuelas habilitadas para realizar los sufragios. El Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores se encargó de esta gestión, junto a la Embajada de Bolivia en el país argentino. El expresidente, Evo Morales, que vive refugiado en este país no tendrá ningún problema para cumplir con su derecho a voto.