Is this the right time to buy an iMac?

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    Last time I went to Italy, I went to the Chinatown in Milan and traded in my old notebook for a more recent one with a Retina screen. I don't use it very often, especially since the quarantine, but every time I have to move from the Retina screen to my older iMac standard screen I dream of having a retina iMac.

    Now, this dream could come true. I have checked prices on authorized Apple resellers in Capital and the 21.5" Retina iMac is sold for 260k ARS, which is about USD 1500 in current money. As a reference, in the US it's USD 1300 plus taxes and in Italy it costs €1380.

    Used iMac on Mercadolibre are more expensive than that. I am really REALLY tempted.

    I am waiting for noon to call the store in Alto Palermo to see if it is available.

    My only question is if I can use the RAM installed on my current iMac on the new iMac. This is my current configuration, plus a 512 Gb Internal SSD.

    I had upgraded the RAM and installed a SSD replacing the default HDD about two years ago.

    This is the 260 k ARS one:

    This is another option for 7k ARS more, with a SSD: