Anti-government protests

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    The anti-government protests on Sunday, labelled #12O, were largely peaceful and pretty much came about as a result of the authoritarian measures being proposed or are becoming law. The appointment/removal of judges, the perpetual lockdown and economic disaster being the central themes.

    The president has criticised the Sunday marches as 'fomenting hatred', which couldn't be further from the truth, since this actual government is the body doing exactly that.

    He also criticises the marches for being careless in light of the virus, but of course, pro-government marches are supported to the hilt, virus or no virus.

    As @Mckenna has said, I don't expect this to end well, whenever that may be.

  • Reminds me of the Falklands time how polarized this is.

    We are reaching the point of return, that's why i said the next 6 months will be vital to see which way the ball bounces and of course, no matter what, the Brits and the shankees are the ones to blame.