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    Could this new initiative by the regime be one step closer to controlling the free press?

    NODIO (no odio or no hate, I suppose) is described as:


    "El gobierno lanzó una iniciativa a la que llamó NODIO. Consiste en monitorear lo que se publica en medios y redes para definir qué publicaciones son ciertas y cuáles no, de acuerdo a su particular forma de verlo",

    "The government launched an initiative that it called NODIO. It consists of monitoring what is published in the media and networks to define which publications are true and which are not, according to their particular way of viewing it",

    And if they don't like what is published? Are they going to check every written word?

    The cepo (clamp) is very topical today. You can't buy dollars, you're punished if you make any transaction in that currency, we're still under a quasi-quarantine and now they want to strangle freedom of speech.

    We really should worry about this, especially when they dress it up as diversity.

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    That's disturbing and I am surprised the people aren't worried by it. As I studied it, free press was the cardinal stone of modern times.

    Sometimes it feels that ALL Argentinians, regardless of their political positions, have a limited view of what's going on because they have never seen anything different (or have forgotten about it).

    I have met young Europeans living in Argentina like me who are peronists and voted for Alberto. They seem to buy ONLY the 'principles' that the K say are defending (the poors, the indigenous, fighting capitalism, fighting foreign corporations, women, LGBTQ+ etc.) without checking the reality, their application.

    It is baffling how someone who is 30-40-50 years old and comes from Europe can get used to:

    1) ATMs not having enough money

    2) inflation

    3) illegal appropriation of lands/houses by 'indigenous people' disregarding private property, a concept Western society is built on

    4) money control over people

    5) banks controlling people's money and blocking accounts

    6) the government arbitrarily taxing purchases in foreign currency

    7) limiting access to USD / spending in USD

    8) tracking every little bit of spending through DNI number (on ML, at the supermarket, to get a vital record or an apostille etc.)

    9) Union leaders who are richer than the entrepreneurs they claim to fight

    10) Union leaders shrugging shoulders with the government

    11) Foreign politics stance that aligns with Cuba, Venezuela, China, and South American leaders that the rest of the world considers 'questionable' at a minimum

    12) Strong / harsh political declarations against foreign countries

    13) Biased press

    14) Leaders and people against capitalism and in defense of the poor, who fly to Europe every year and have a iPhone (bought abroad in USD/EUR, of course. Never locally with the 'just' taxes of their 'just' government in ARS!)

  • NODIO worries me every bit as much as govt manipulations in every other area. When a party in power so loves their power and/or fears repercussions that they will roll over for an autocratic leader, the only window the people have on reality is a free press.

    That is why autocrats scream “fake news” and try to both muzzle the press and support state-friendly propaganda networks and newspapers.

    But without an opposition voice, who is there to fight NODIO?

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    Finally, someone is doing something. Where it goes, we already know (in the bin).

    Diputados opositores denunciaron a Miriam Lewin por la creación de Nodio y la citaron ante el Congreso

    En medio de la polémica por la creación del polémico Observatorio de la desinformación y la violencia simbólica en medios y plataformas digitales (Nodio), creado con el objetivo de " desarticular " presuntas noticias falsas, un grupo de diputados opositores presentó una denuncia ante la Justicia en contra de la titular de la Defensoría del Público, Miriam Lewin . Además, se la convocó ante el Congreso Nacional.

    La denuncia, que llama a Nodio una "comisaría del pensamiento", lleva la firma de una decena de diputados de la coalición Juntos por el Cambio, entre ellos Fernando Iglesias, Waldo Wolff (Pro) y Graciela Ocaña (Confianza Pública). En el documento, al que tuvo acceso LA NACION, remarcan que la información disponible sobre el organismo es "escasa y difusa" y consideran ese "secretismo" como un hecho "contrario a los actos de gobierno que se enmarcan en un sistema republicano".

  • This will end very badly, unless 2 things happens, one, there's a vaccine and 2 or the IMF pumps a ton of money into Argentina so full social unrest can be avoided.

    I have seen this before where peronists start to break up into smaller fractions and since peronists always need an enemy , they'll start killing each other like in the 70s, meanwhile we are caught in the crossfire.

    I would make preparations to leave as time and the situation permits, the next 6 months will be crucial, if by next fall none of these 2 things took place , it's gonna be pretty hairy.