Will Argentina become the next Venezuela?

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    Not according to Sergio Berensztein, a journalist with the Clarin Group:

    Maybe not, but it bloody well looks like it at the moment.

  • The journalist fails to mention that the Chaves/Maduro regime was based more on illegal drugs than oil and gas.

    Maduro is still buying the Generals off with monthly salaries in US Dollars . Other party stooges are given plum jobs at Customs where they demand extra commissions to get containers out of the port.

    Only last week , an acquaintance had to pay $5,000 to get his legally imported container of beer , out of customs , in addition to the normal customs fees.

    Could it happen here ?

    Of course it could.....

  • For more than a decade, I’ve heard Argentines decry their certainty that ”Venezuela is becoming Cuba, And Argentina is becoming Venezuela” their fear, I believe, based mostly on the eroding economy and successive kirchner administrations that pander to their voter base, generally not the middle class, which is so necessary for the financial base of the government.

    And yet, Argentina still has not become Venezuela. Perhaps the writer’s suggestions are valid: non-dependence upon a single, volatile export; not having a politicized, strong military; and the fact that Argentina’s “crises are recurrent and problems are repeated” show significant differences up to now.

    (If there’s a sudden, explosive increase in the Military, and Maximo is appointed their commander, then start packing.)

  • For 40% of the last decade Macri was in power so suggestions of him wanting Argentina to become like Venezuela of course make no sense. Why would people you talk to Rice be concerned about Argentina becoming Venezuela under Macri?

    It’s my belief CFK craves that kind of power but never in her own presidency did she have the chance to push for it. Now she has a chance and the aggressive push we are seeing is clearly for some reason. Whether it fails or not does not hide the intentions.

  • I’d have to agree with GlasgowJohn on that. She wants to wield unlimited power, although not over a poverty-stricken shell of a country, as does Maduro.

    Semigoodlooking , the Argentines I have heard repeating the Venezuela meme were thrilled that Macri was elected, until the reality set in, that his hands were tied without a majority in the legislature. Still, they held out hope that he would win a second term and be able to break the Kirchner chokehold, to try to turn the country around. Of course that didn’t happen, and he accomplished little if anything of importance, but for a few moments, there was hope. Now, again, they have none.

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    Macri was never a great statesman, but at least he was not a K. Looking back at journalists talking about Macri's politics as "peronismo de buenos modales" makes me cringe. We're far worse now. I'll take the peronismo de buenos modales.

    I think Argentinians have never lived in a real democracy like we know it and half of them can't tell the difference, which is why they keep voting for that stuff.

    50 years driving the country down the drain and they keep making the same choices. Sure you can blame the crappy options, but also the voters should take their share of the blame!

  • I really dont think that CFK and her crowd of ruffians want Argentina to become Venezuela . But they want the type of powered that Chaves/Maduro have had.

    And that is probably more dangerous.....

    Cannot have one (power) without the other (economic collapse, human suffering, war on the middle class, corruption), not with their style of politics anyway. Cuba, Venezuela, Soviet Russia, Mao's China, Vietnam, North Korea, all examples of left wing taken to the extreme in the pursuit of power. All of them Venezuela, or some variation on the results.