Argentine wine exports

  • With California wineries and vines burning to the ground, now would be an excellent time for Argentina’s wineries to ramp up their exports to the US. Once the American market became accustomed to buying Argentine wines, they would continue to do so when the US industry recovers, so the benefits to Argentina’s economy could be very long-lasting.

    Does anyone know if there is talk of doing this before Chile, Australia, Italy and France fill the gap?

    GlasgowJohn , do your industry contacts extend to Mendoza?

  • Rice , the USA is actually quite a difficult market to export wines and spirits to .

    You cant just decide to export one day and ship to a customer.

    All wine labels have to go through a process of approval with the BATF - Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives

    Then you find a national importer , who finds a state distributor . Then he sells to the retailers.

    This year most Argentine wineries have had a good year . The three big ones I speak to on a regular basis are up about 25% in sales with domestic and international markets all doing well.

    Having said that they are all keying in on USA for the end of the year . This was planned beforehand but clearly they are following things in California.

  • Know bugger all about it but going by what Ive heard from those in the industry and the self confessed wine connoisseurs...yes I know the latter are mostly blowhards. Argentina do seem to keep improving their worldwide share of the market year by year. I imagine the trend will continue.

    As I say I'm no wine expert but given the choice I'd always choose an Argentine red over a Californian produced one.

  • UK Man , we are big fans of California wines, but even bigger fans of Argentina wines. We would love to see more of them exported to CA.

    GlasgowJohn , yes, I do appreciate how complicated it must be to initiate export. What I am asking about is the possibility that the wineries who already export to the US might greatly amp up the percentage of their output that is exported to the US, to fill a need that will be there?