Influencer detained in Cordoba for 'threats' against CFK

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    Influencer and self styled journo, Eduardo Prestofellipo was detained in Cordoba by federal police agents for threats against Cristina Kirchner.

    Clearly CFK took great offence at this and it's not the first time he's rubbed her up the wrong way. But should someone be detained for using their rights of freedom of speech?

    He's being held for resisting arrest, flagrant disobedience and inciting hate and violence. It's also claimed that during a search of his home, a firearm was found wit the serial number defaced. How convenient.Planted?

    'Presto' later added the word 'politically' to his Tweet that CFK would not leave the situation 'alive'.

    Don't underestimate the power that CFK has at her disposal, legal or otherwise.

  • Somebody needs to explain to all these almighty untouchable powerful politicians the concept of the pink mist