How fast an internet connection do you really need?

  • Since the Government announced that they blocked Internet and Telephone price until the end of the year, I have been wondering if I should grab the chance and try to upgrade my internet speed. Would I notice it?

    Currently, we have Telecento and today by download speed was 70 Mbps and my upload speed was 5 Mbps. I think that we are on yet another free speed upgrade from Telecentro - their basic plan is 50 Mbps and we have always had the cheapest Internet plan availabel.

    Provided that, so far, I haven't actually felt the need of a faster connection, I am merely wondering if I am missing out. Maybe my hardware is too dated to even feel the difference!

    What's your internet speed and why?

  • serafina , I’ve never known how to check my specific download and upload speed?

    There are several websites that test your Internet speed in download and upload. The most famous one is Ookla. There is nothing to install: just access the page and click on the 'GO' button. The page will do the rest and return your result. It is useful to check if you are really getting the internet speed corresponding to your plan.


  • We are paying for 100 and get regularly 85-95 , so we are pretty happy

    In CABA , we paid for 50 and got 15-20 ......

    What do you need ? I think with 50 most things work OK but I will give way to expert opinion on that one.

  • What do you need ? I think with 50 most things work OK but I will give way to expert opinion on that one.

    I don't need anything that I am aware of, but I have never used faster internet, except at Apple stores in the US with state of the art computers.

    We have a great bandwidth here in Palermo, but in San Isidro we had poor speed connection. We rarely watch streamed movies at the same time, and none of us is a gamer, so we don't experience any buffering.

    My only complain is that it takes minutes for emails to arrive, which is absurd. I always keep my phone by my computer because phone notifications are much quicker than computer notifications.