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  • I wrote a rather prickly and negative review of Designated Survivor on TMDB (the site that we use here for movie previews), so perhaps you read it Rice .

    I do remember that you weren’t a fan, Splinter . Kiefer Sutherland’s near-beatific portrayal of a non-political, conscience-driven US president was, I’ll grant you, hard to believe, especially with what we are seeing in Washington now. But pushing past that, there were some interesting subplots starting to develop just as the plug was pulled on future episodes. I’m disappointed.

  • Here's an interesting Clarin article about what happened to Eichmann's surviving family after he was taken to Israel.…rgentina_0_7Q42cDzUJ.html

    If you want to read this in English, open it in Chrome Incognito, right click some white space and hit translate.

    A timely complement to the film, with reminders of the Nazi groups that still existed outside of Germany. Chilling to read of the probability that other Hitler henchmen came here and lived out their lives in anonymity.

    I can’t help wondering what kind of twisted upbringing Eichmann’s children must have had and how much his wife knew about his diabolical activities. The article points to problems with the two older boys, but surely even the Egyptologist had a lot to overcome.

  • I enjoyed this too, but ultimately thought it could have a little more gritty.

    We've just started watching Bodyguard, a British series about an ex soldier veteran of Afghanistan who's assigned as a PPO (personal protection officer) to the UK Home Secretary, an attractive woman who has a devious agenda of her own.

    It's very well made, has great immersion and is a nice spice up of terrorism and dirty politics.

    I just finished Bodyguard and enjoyed it all the way! Thanks for the suggestion...