US Presidential Elections 2020

  • On Tuesday 3rd of November the US goes to the polls to elect a president and this promises to be one of the strangest and possibly, nastiest contests in recent memory.

    Not only is the country suffering the ravages of the pandemic, but the people are politically divided more than ever before.

    I'm not American, but it's impossible to ignore the caustic politics of the last four years and yes, I do care who wins, even if it is establishment vs maverick.

    The Financial Times is giving Biden a very healthy lead in the polls, but then a week in politics is a very long time, with many headlines yet to come.

    Is Biden man enough to withstand the broadsides from Trump? My feeling is that it can only get nastier, but will Biden turn the other cheek and can he afford to?

  • My American friends are almost resigned to another Trump mandate. Unfortunately, I think Trump is going to be re-elected, just like it seemed impossible that someone would re-elect Bush or Trump in the first place.

    My bets are on the orange man!

  • My fervent hope is that enough people who value democracy will show up and vote him out. The margin will have to be overwhelmingly large, to prevent his refusal to accept defeat, thus refusal to leave office. Banana Republic, anyone?

    He has already signaled ways in which he has already been cheating the system in his own favor, especially to suppress mail-in votes, which he has said might be more beneficial to his opponent.…dejoy-a9670816.html%3famp

  • As someone who lives in the UK but takes a big interest in world politics i sincerely hope Trump is re elected.

    I must admit initially i thought he was put up as only someone as bad as him with his statements etc wouls allow the disgusting criminal hilary clinton to win.

    I think it was a show of just how how much the clintons/bush were hated in America...lets forget republican/democrat....there is so little between the policies that the traditional left and right as both parties are so down the middle...and both controlled behind the scenes from certain elements..

    Trump for all his faults and he has many i think at least has the balls to try and show the criminality that is going on in America and american politics....the media have despised him and lie and mis report at every opportunity....

    Biden leading by a big margin in the polls is for me a sad play at getting trump supporters to admit defeat and not vote....hardly an original play in politics.

    What is disgusting is the way the virus is being used esp by the democrats....and to be fair postal voting is not required...if you can go out shopping etc..then you can vote.

  • What is disgusting is the way the virus is being used esp by the democrats....and to be fair postal voting is not required...if you can go out shopping etc..then you can vote.

    From gerrymandering to having to register to be able to vote, the US electoral system doesn't make much sense to me. It seems devised to steer the outcomes in a certain direction.

  • I am not too sure that a Trump reelection would be good for the UK . He has bold Boris by the short n curlies and he will do anything he wants in the UK and get away with it.

    I wouldn't trust Trump with any of my worldly possessions and I also wouldn't be surprised if we see dodgy photos surface of him at some of Epstein's dodgy parties

    I still cant understand why we haven't seen his tax returns and a proper statement of wealth . Every single business venture he has been involved in always smells a bit after a few years His expertise at dodgy accounting makes him seem a wee bit Argentine at times.

    Dont have a lot of time for Biden either but thats another story.

  • I simply can't think of any more adjectives to describe the buffoon that Trump is.

    All his faults? Too many to list, not to mention his blatant racism, misogyny and lies. He doesn't want anyone to see his tax returns because then the truth will come out.

    Besides, you only have to look at the revolving door that is the White House and how he is described by those who don't lick his arse .

    Words fail me how anyone could vote for that prick.

  • I can understand being on the other side of the political spectrum and having conservative values. I don’t agree with that view, but fair enough. However, I cannot fathom how anybody would actively want Trump to be re-elected other than the Republicans wanting to win whatever the cost.

    My feelings on Biden are clear, he is a terrible candidate at this stage in his career. He will probably have enough to win simply because Trump has burned too many bridges away from his base. Biden won’t be a good president and will bring back the stifling status quo to Washington. It’s a shame that the Democrats went this direction but uncontroversial stability will make a nice change I suppose.

    I don’t buy into the whole narrative on Trump (second Hitler, that kind of crap) but he is dangerous, has contempt for his own people, is hateful, and just not a good POTUS. As such, he has to go. A quick defense of him from another thread that would have taken it off topic. Rice said he has killed 170,000 people. I know what she was saying but under such accusations I think it’s ok to be pedantic and I just want to say it is clearly untrue that he killed 170,000 of his people.

    To sum up, Biden is a poor candidate, but Trump must be removed from office. Hopefully then we can spend the next four years stripping the Democrats until they become the party they should be.