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  • For a wide variety of reasons, many of us are casting an eye on other countries at this time, wondering if life might be better elsewhere. One of the biggest hurdles, of course, is the pesky business of obtaining residency and, eventually, citizenship.

    Enter the Citizen-by-Investment Programs, or CIP’s, a handy way for very wealthy people to buy citizenship in another country. Although the concept has been around for decades, there is renewed interest now that people from certain countries aRe not allowed to enter other countries.

    This article gives examples of countries with CIP’s, and their price tags.…ltiple-passports-pandemic

  • My business has been going steady since Trump took office, and during the pandemics has been going on steady. I had maybe a steady week in April, but since then I work 7 days a week and my husbands helps me keep the pace. Having a second passport seemed a political lifesaver, and now a health lifesaver.

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    Translation business serafina ?

    Yes. In 2019 I steered my business toward personal document translation (birth, marriage, death records, etc.) and many Americans are pursuing Italian citizenship by blood. Italy has a very flexible law that recognizes Italians for generations, as long as the citizenship line never broke (i.e. nobody naturalized before the next generation was born). The applicant basically needs to book an appointment at an Italian Consulate in the US, collect the relevant vital records to prove they are related to an Italian, get the Italian birth record of their Italian ancestor, and translate their US records. They pay a €300 fee and that's it. The processing time can be up to two years.

    The CNN started covering this phenomenon and it has gained a lot of visibility, and more and more people are now seriously investigating whether they'd be eligible or not. With many stuck at home because of the pandemics, people have had more time to research on the topic, ask to relatives, order vital records etc.

  • I hear that a record amount of US citizens are now leaving the USA for citizenship elsewhere. Is that true?

    There was a CNN article but I can't find it now.

    I have read that a much higher number of people have been leaving the US during the past two years, but can’t back that up because I can’t remember where I read it. My only empirical evidence would be that for the first time in our lives, we have really wished we could do the same.

    Throughout our history, the US has been a country of immigrants, not emigrants. But with the sudden upending of our governmental institutions and even our Constitution, this is a government we no longer recognize or can believe in.

  • It's on the main page of La Nación today:

    EE.UU.: por qué hay un récord histórico de gente que renuncio a la nacionalidad

    WASHINGTON.- Un récord de más de 5800 estadounidenses renunciaron a la ciudadanía en los primeros seis meses del año con respecto a los 2072 que tomaron la misma decisión en todo el 2019. Es cuanto emergió de una investigación de Bambridge Accountants de Nueva York, una entidad especializada en cuestiones fiscales de los estadounidenses en el exterior, reportó hoy la cadena CNN.