Rising crime rates in Buenos Aires

  • When quarantine was introduced in March, the crime rate apparently dropped quite drastically, but now that poverty is soaring, serious crime is reaching worrying levels.

    For once, I agree with Sergio Berni, the BA provincial minister for security who insists that releasing prisoners onto the streets is partly to blame, but also the bewildering attitudes of judges who are practically viewing criminals as victims.

    The case of the pensioner in Quilmes who shot and killed one of five intruders who broke into his house last weekend is a case in point as he is now charged with aggravated murder. He was tortured by the intruders by the way.

    It's also clear that many of the police are in the pockets of the so called barrabravas, the hooligan football thugs that control much of the Quilmes and La Matanza areas, much loved by Cristina and are allies of hers.

    I no longer linger at traffic lights on my bike, even if they are red. The police have seen me move away like that and simply turn a blind eye.

    I would urge caution for everyone.

  • Mar del plata today, an 81 year old dude plugged some piece of crap trying to get in thru the bathroom window.

    Remember kids, no penal code , no bible, no 911 will save you ass when they are kicking your door

  • It’s like I said in another thread, it amazes me that some still defend Argentina as being safe by comparing it with Mexico, Brazil, Syria... you know, some of the most dangerous places on the planet. Well of course, if that’s the comparison point, Buenos Aires is safe. However, we know the real comparison for most of us is the places we came from or simply previous years in this city. Buenos Aires is NOT a safe city, the province is even worse, and we should all be displaying extreme caution because the politicians have no clue how to stop it, the police have little ability to stop it, and it’s going to get worse.

    I am trying not to politicize this subject but it’s hard. For me, it seems obvious crime was bad when CFK was in power, became much improved under Macri, and has now worsened again. This cannot be coincidence.

    It’s got to the stage where by having anything nice you are putting yourself at risk. Nice car, bike, shoes, phone, jacket, whatever.

  • Near where we live there have been attacks to cars and motorcycles parked on the street, which have been set to fire. As a result. the fire brigade had to intervene. This was in three different streets of Villa Crespo.

    The newspaper calls them 'quemacoches'. Just like when motochorros disappeared as a result of less people on the street to assault. however, I don't see the point in setting to fire private property randomly... Just like I don't see the point in cutting silobolsas...

    Explosión en Villa Crespo: se prendieron fuego siete autos y seis motos en las calles Vera, Darwin y Velazco y apuntan a "quemacoches"

    Esta mañana, poco antes de las 7, en el barrio porteño de Villa Crespo seis motos que estaban estacionadas y siete autos se prendieron fuego y generaron una serie de explosiones por causas que aún se investigan. Las primeras investigaciones apuntan a un "quemacoches", por lo que se desprende de los videos que circularon en las últimas horas.


    Qué se esconde detrás de los ataques a silobolsas en todo el país

    El trasfondo de los ataques a silobolsas es un misterio. Aunque la hipótesis generalizada es que existen motivaciones ideológicas detrás de los actos de vandalismo, faltan pruebas y piezas para armar el rompecabezas. Y todo en medio de un clima enrarecido entre el Gobierno y el campo por el efecto Vicentin.