• since the freedom of speach is limited to the few, I will retire from this forum and just stop by as guest and read the thrilling posts and ways how to look at the world.

    Sometimes the truth is to hard to handle for some people......

    Btw I'm looking forward to reading the new discussions here, (as a passive guest), of the new president of USA, whether it's a black rapper or a senile old man or maybe a hermafrodit midget.....I will be happy to at least see the progress.

    Try not to whine around please...

    Also remember this when the great success of the left wing spunkers in Argentina start to get more visible.....this is what you want and voted for, either direct or indirect by your cowardly support of madness and populism.

    And last but not least: if u don't have a gun yet, either here or in USA, it might be time to get one.....

    Defunding the police and allowing wankers to behave like their wanker personality ask them to, will not be in the benefit of John Does....again, don't whine, take it like a man.....that's what u voted for, either direct or indirect.

    In princip everyone is happy then.....I could not care less about's actually funny to read pathetic posts from whiners........

    And most importantly: this website stay political correct.....!

    Ciao leftpath

  • and btw, my comparison of the rioters putting buildings on fire, throwing Molotov cocktails on other people, screaming wild.....comparing them to apes or baboons was fully out of place...I apologize.....a baboon or ape would not be that primitive and anti social....I hereby apologize to any ape, baboon or monkey reading this! SORRY!

  • daniel , what truth is it that hurts? Surely you can’t mean the “n” word and evolution and baboon bits???

    I’d like the original @JAN back. Funny, widely informed, plugged into what’s happening in Argentina, disagreeing without attacking. @JAN , Please lose the rage, dial the language back a few notches, and participate instead of silently reading in the closet.

  • Splinter

    Closed the thread.