The left wing-right wing rant

  • hairyscotsman .........

    U should know by now your opinion is not wanted because it goes against the common believe of this forums users. If u don't stop with this right wing nazi shit, the admin will make sure to make u understand....

    Same way as new York Post made Weiss understand the standpoints made is nearly illegal! (She was forced to resign, dirty racist Jew)

    The idea that the Chinese virus have damaged and killed mainly in the Western capitalistic world and left the source of the virus much stronger in power, so as the left wing and communist countries , is fully absurd....please do not make such statements.

    I also advise u not to make reference to google or other search machines as information source, since u r not entitled to use it appropriate!

    To make a small reference to our own little kingdom of lies:

    In Argentina 32.000 people die of flu and pneumonia caused sicknesses.....the health minister Vicozza, another of the wankers belonging to the crooked team here, stated that all deaths should be noted as coronavirus deaths!!!!!

    So the coronavirus will kill a whopping 32.000 minimum in Argentina this year for sure!!!!

  • @JAN

    This is not an us and them situation and, as admin, I have no agenda to make people understand a particular point of view whatsoever.

    Surely you of all people should understand that there's a big difference between calling out trolling and the censorship of points of view.

    I repeat, the admin of this forum has no agenda, save the moderation of trolling and spam, with views freely expressed by everyone.

  • Splinter ......Same as new York Times.......

    Trolling Journalist.....!!!!

    Actually it seems like trolling is a purely right wing nigga hating thing.....

    It's pretty much always the excuse for censorship or trying the constant boxing up someone.

    And now since the box is opened up, I can tell u and other Christian Messiahs on this site: I don't give a damn fuck of the life and death of either Floyd or Maldonado or similar bobos, that basically themselves put them in the shit they where in. If Floyd wouldn't have died under the knee of the police officer, he would have been killed in a shootout with police after hitting an innocent pediatrician with his car, high on drugs.

    My referral to the individuals committing horrendous terror and crimes, as "baboons" , I always fully stand to....the look like baboons, act like baboons and probably are tight related to a wing of people that are far behind in evolution.

    Every year 170 police officers get killed by these type of creeps, those victims I feel sorry for.

    As I already mentioned many times, a quick look into numbers would explain why black baboons are arrested and killed more often than white baboons.

    Also the fact that over 90% of black people are killed by their own black bros, is something maybe to take note of.

    The left wing indoctrination and hidden agenda is perverted, and it has come to surface of the last year or two..... including the total destruction of Chile and other perverted actions.

    Currently Europe is also suffering this sick control of people and their allowed believe. No one can point out anything in regards to foreigners, (here I refer to the more tinted), since they will then be boxed up as racists.

    The multi cultural bullshit idea of living together happily all of us is one of the biggest proves of the left-wing indoctrination and trying to limit peoples free speech.

    Many in Germany and north Germany would be much better of and more happy with a mono culture or limited ethnic variety.......but of course anyone getting on that thought is a racist nazi.

    The left and their supporters are getting a taste if their own choices and medicine also here in Europe is already deep into the shit and it will only get worse.

    To refer to news or post public on the internet and even to stuff that is coming out as a google search as troll, I find argument quite ignorant.

    I myself tend to read middle left wing news, since they tend to be more informative that right wing sources like fox. F.ex. anyway, I believe I have the right and even obligation to double check what news I'm being presented with also from middle left wing media.

    Actually I read that many reputated middle left news media lie a lot less that fox, buuuuuuut, they tend to sponsor and bias and put stuff in context to other things to bring the reader to the conclusion: we are all equal, there is no black and white and and and.......which is one big fat lie!

    The facts and numbers of the Chinese virus is alarming........and how they are manipulated.... anyway as I already said: the virus seem to have done some people and countries a favor and nearly destroyed others.......funny enough the guilty always end up being the yellow monster, Bolsonaro or Boris.

    So, let's continue bending the shit that way.

    Whether the yellow hair made virus worse or better or whatever , no idea. But for sure putting millions of people on the streets to riot and destroy in the name of the black Messiah Floyd, I doubt helped the infection rate. But let's focus on Trump first, because that supports the agenda.

    Isn't it funny that right wing governed countries and more advanced countries, Nordic, Austria etc., tend to believe it's less mortal, and many left-wing governed like Argentina, love to embrace it's incredible mortality?

    So if having these believes are racist and trolling yes, then u can call me racist and troll...... couldn't care less!

    Ps: and I couldn't give a damn fuck about any spelling errors either.....if u don't wanna understand my points, I can't help u and even spell correction won't help either.

  • .........and when something does not satisfy the admin in a thread, it's moved to another thread called trolling or rant!

    This does not apply to the constant blame game on Trump being the one causing the virus of course......!!!! U just proved exactly yourself what manipulation is!!!!

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  • u r hilarious Splinter .....

    U exactly confirm all what I have just been posting in last two threads!

    Anything out of what u believe is relevant to the thread or out of ur own believe will be either moved to other places or called violating the forum rules..... pathetic, sorry!

    You should change the website name to ArgentinaLeftPaths.....that would make it more obvious what is expected and even allowed on the website.

  • @JAN, you're having a nightmare.

    I don't disagree with you that the left is eating itself, something I have said many times but I don't agree with you on the wider points. From what I deem to be an evil leftist movement, I just move closer to the center. You moved right or were already there. However, what's the problem? It's ok to disagree and there are probably 20 things a day posted here that I disagree with. For some reason on this particular subject you seem angered by the disagreement. If you don't enjoy posting and debating here, that's fine, but I will be another who misses your general contributions. I think you're taking it too seriously.

  • wow...You really are gullible...^^