One step forward and two backward

  • The week before Argentina went in full lock down, we finally decided to get me a debit card linked to my husband's account.

    First hurdle: you cannot order it. The account owner has to physically show up and request to issue an additional card.

    Second hurdle: you cannot simply show up at any branch of your bank. You have to go to YOUR branch, unless you want to MOVE your branch to a different one. If you move to Salta, and there is no branch of your bank there, you are out of luck.

    So we ventured to La Lucila, where the account was originally opened when we used to live in the area. Sign here and there. You'll get it in the mail!

    Three months later and still no card in the mail, my husband decided to call his bank again. They first said they sent the card, and to request a re-issuance, paying the relevant fee. My husband called again and this time they said they don't mail cards. We will have to request it at the nearest branch (probably due to covid). So we went to the bank, and the man at the door told us we need an appointment and that we could take one using the app.

    We stepped outside and fiddled with the app, but there is no appointment before next Monday.

    Very inefficient. They almost want to dissuade me from spending!

  • Adri's lad had a similar experience with that bank in that nobody could send him a bank transfer for salary etc, but everything else was okay. He had to close the account, not before transferring the balance to his mum's account, then open a new one. Apparently you can't open a new one and then transfer the balance from the old one.

    I'm glad I no longer have an Argie bank account. Frankly, it was always more trouble and cost that it was worth.

  • Somewhere along the way, businesses lost their way. In our parents’ and grandparents’ day, banks and other businesses trained their people in customer service. Service! Imagine! They actually wanted to give customers a reason not to go to their competitors.

    But not in our day.