Being a motorcycle courier in Buenos Aires

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  • I've been at this courier work for about 12 months now, but it's only since March 20th that things have really picked up - so much so that there's rarely a day when I'm not on the bike.

    The furthest so far has been La Plata and back, which is about 150kms. Most days it's 30kms around the city or some days, Bella Vista- Retiro-Don Torcuato, stuff like that.

    30kms in and around the city feels like 150kms to La Plata and back, especially if you don't get the green wave of traffic lights.

    My main enemies are:

    • Traffic lights
    • All other cars
    • Buses
    • Taxis
    • Potholes
    • Cobbled streets, which I hate with a vengeance.
    • Drizzle. Rain I can handle.

    I always ask people to come down/out of from their flats/appts/shops due to not wanting to leave the bike unattended. Some people still want to shake hands, would you believe?

    And don't get me on gated communities - they have to come to the gate now.

    This one yesterday was a ball breaker.


  • Splinter, are you concered about the seeming increase in attacks/robberies on delivery guys/couriers, consideirng you have a nicer bike than most?

    Yes I am, but it's hard to know how to react. I have a bike alarm and a big security chain for securing the bike, but those are no good if someone puts a gun to my head.

    I'm not letting it put me off though and remain vigilant, especially in dodgy areas, where I WILL jump red lights if I have to and when I don't feel comfortable.

  • Today we went around the Casa Rosada to collect some documents. The traffic was more intense compared to the first weeks of the quarantine (where we didn't go out at all).

    There were many motocourier zigzagging around the cars, with the mask on, the helmet on, big loads behind and bitter cold. My best sympathies to them! It looked like a hard job!

    I tried to drive with my mask on but I couldn't. I also tend to trip with the mask on.

  • Today I had a simple collection job from a shop in Belgrano and I don't mind the rain too much, so I went for it.

    Everything was going fine until I saw that Libertador was closed for access to CABA, so they were diverting us onto the Lugones freeway/motorway which i refuse to use in the rain because it's even more dangerous when wet.

    I managed to get through via Cabildo, waited in the rain outside the shop and finally loaded up 20kg of weights and a 2m weight bar.

    The whole exercise took over three hours, when it should have been around 45 minutes, thanks mainly to the road closures. I got wet of course and also charged the customer extra for the time and the packing of her goods.

    Thanks for fucking up our lives again, Fernandez.