Documentation from UK for marrying in Argentina

  • For all you UK guys or girls who have got married in Argentina can you give me an indication of what paperwork is required and do i need to get it translated in spanish whilst in Argentina or can i get it done in UK.

    I am looking online and can not seem to get a definitive answer. I know that they have done away with the blood tests down in Santa Cruz .


  • If you were married before you'll need an apostilled certified copy of your previous marriage certificate, translated by a member of the colegio de traductores and legalised by said body.

    If not, you'll need a passport or DNI.

    This is all I could find for BA province…nios_y_uniones/matrimonio

    and this, which you can view in Chrome and hit translate…08-matrimonios-y-algo-mas

  • Argentina doesn't recognize translations done abroad, however properly legalized they may be. Definitely use a local (Argentinian) sworn translator.

    I can't remember what sort of documents I had to present, however I think I had my birth certificate and passport. In my case things were different because there are special agreements between Italy and Argentina and we have apostille exemption and recognize each other's multilingual certificates.

    You could try to get your birth certificate with a Multilingual Standard Form (MSF), too. But I dont' guarantee this will spare you from translating the record in Argentina.…-death-or-marriage-abroad

    It may be cheaper to get a standard UK birth certificate and have it translated here. A translation is less than 20 USD in Argentina and its legalisation is about 7 USD.

  • Thank You for the replies..I think its in Rio Gallegos Splinter..I Will take my Birth Certificate over in September if my flight goes ahead and try and get it done before my 4 months in November so if i do need any other paperwork i can bring it then...

    Never been married before so i assume they just take me at my word for that or would i need proof of my happy single life ...

    Ok..So next job is to find a translator in Rio Gallegos....

  • I am sure I didn't have to present documents to prove I was single/never married.

    However, every provincia and partido has their own rules, so unless someone has recent experience in Santa Cruz, take our word with a pinch of salt.