Progress in the search for truth and accountability

  • Here’s a positive step Google will be taking:

    In a Monday blog post, Google said it will begin to incorporate fact-checking info in its image search feature. "The power of visual media has its pitfalls⁠—especially when there are questions surrounding the origin, authenticity or context of an image," wrote Harris Cohen, Google's product manager for search. "Starting today, we are surfacing fact check information in Google Images globally to help people navigate these issues and make more informed judgments about what they see on the web."

    As reported in the New York Times

  • thats great! Then we can start using google!

    Tell me Rice , (I'm not trolling!).....

    If I give u a word...take an example you find out what that word is or what it mean????

    How would you move forward, please explain.

    (It's not a fictive word, it exist and is a thing, meaning of something!)

    I would like to learn how I can distance myself from false information, pictures, news, videos and so on.

  • Rice btw your source, New York Post, is well known right wing bias news source, known for not very reliable information.....

    But this one is ok? How I know ?

    (I'm quoting all which assign bias to media.......but again, can I believe that as a fact checker or bias checker source?)

  • @JAN , this was from the New York Times, one of the best-respected newspapers in the world. I certainly agree with your assessment of the NY Post, and I can see how you were confused.

    Your mistake is understandable. Similarly, The Washington Post is a respectable news source; the Washington Times, owned by the late Rev Sun Myung Moon’s cult, is less so.

  • Rice still my statement that new york post is right wing biased is true Jaja.

    Still a copy paste text is not a really reliable source, even that u add "New York times" underneath.

    Anyway we forget that point.

    So, now please respond to my question about pappelapapp.

  • GlasgowJohn ..........I asked you yesterday a question and today the same to rice:

    Why on earth you believe that the news or information that you draw conclusions on are better than mine? Please explain!

    Is there some kind of holy news channels that only God and you have access to?

    Nearly any argument that I suggest for you to get information on, subject or argument is shot down.....Google, yahoo, any search machine, any news channel or any source. What makes you people so above anybody else to deliver the truth????

    I asked a simple question: please tell me what pappelapapp is, thing , saying, country or whatever, and also describe to me the way you used to find the information.

    Then I will adopt same truthfully way of getting information.

    The acceptance of other peoples believe and conviction seems quite limited.....the only way to deal with it it to throw out nazi, racist or any other name-calling.....that way you have boxed up your opponent in a very nice and justifiable way.....

  • You are always right it appears. No one else is ever right.

    You have access to the truth . No one else has access to correct information.

    I have never said I have access to the truth . ( Unless you can prove otherwise.....)

    I question absolutely everything.

    Search engines only give you part of the truth but you never seem to accept that.

    You never answer questions people make to you . I WONDER WHY .......

    But always demand that people answer yours .

    I will not be drawn into pointless arguments where your only objective is to troll the other party.

  • Taking up the gauntlet that you've thrown down @JAN

    A simple search of pappelapapp on the evil Google comes up with:

    "Did you mean papperlapapp?" See the different spelling?

    (by the way, that's Google talking, not me)

    This is what Google comes up with, depending on the spelling:

    It's no mystery that Google Search is the most widely used search engine in the world and most people use it for simple searches like cat, dog, motherboard and all that, so stop jumping on your pedestal and trying to read stuff into things that doesn't exist.

    Rice btw your source, New York Post, is well known right wing bias news source, known for not very reliable information.....

    But this one is ok? How I know ?

    (I'm quoting all which assign bias to media.......but again, can I believe that as a fact checker or bias checker source?)

    Rice's post cited the NY Times as the source and NOT the NY Post, so yet again you're twisting people's posts, mainly Rice's, to benefit your paranoid arguments.

    Frankly @JAN, we're all getting tired of your picking the bones out of posts, so I suggest you reflect on what you really want to achieve in this forum, other than being confrontational all the time.

  • Splinter .....

    I think we agreed on Google is not to be please tell me how you will find out what the wording is!!!

    A simple screenshot for sure does not accomplish that!

    Regarding the quote from rice: I already acknowledge that I misread one word, am I'm gonna get hanged now?

    And regarding my opinion verses others: it's quite clear to me that you have a nice group, generally with left wing it's obvious that I have to box around a little more.

    I'm just a little amazed over the extreme lack of being able to back of from your extreme radical left-wing orientation......even when u get presented with evidence from any type of media or search results. And I repeat: one of the most absurd claims that you and your group is trying to push through: that the riots are the work of right wing Nazis.

    Also the early sympathy for obvious destruction and chaos I find quite regrettable.

    The only great point is: you have managed to box yourself up even better and make people dislike the politics and actions of those goons.

    A little like the term "suicide by cop"

    Mission accomplished!

  • so, still don't wanna tell me where to get my truth. It's a simple question, but ok.

    I will never tell anyone where to get their truth. I do not have enough knowledge to guide people.

    People really have to decide for themselves according to their own moral and personal codes

  • @JAN , have I ever mentioned that I’m a rather respected tattoo artist?

    Yeaaa, and in full anaesthesia, with Splinter as anaesthesia doctor....

    I would probably end up being crowned as the most stupid hillbilly in the world...and that surely saids something.....

  • Anyone following the Bubba Wallace story????

    Bubba Wallace is the only black driver in NASCAR.......a few weeks ago he declared his dedication to BLM, by having his car painted accordingly.

    NASCAR is currently working on maybe removing the Confederate flag from any board from NASCAR.

    And what happened then.....some haters attached a noose in his garage to frighten him and try to make him keep his mouth shut!!!!!!


    All very well covered in reputable news media, CNN, New York this and that, Washington this and that and so on.......

    They FBI now closed the investigation of a presumably hate crime.....

    The noose in the garage has been hanging there more than a year!

    Beautiful how bandwagon media just loves these stories....

    This was one of the news stories you categorize as troll instigate and promote violence and hate! Well done! Mission accomplished!

  • I don't get what the argument is here.

    Are some people saying there's no good information available via Google? That's a bold claim considering Google has all the information. Here's an interesting conspiracy for you that is rooted in fact. As AI becomes more intelligent it will instantly have at its disposal almost the entirety of human history and knowledge by simply having access to Google. After the AI finally pulls itself away from PornHub, it would be able to use that information against us.

    Back to Google. So, what's the deal here, what is the argument being presented by both sides? Google inherently bad as a resource?