:!:Please do not troll the forum

  • Many of us on this forum have either been banned from somewhere else or we could no longer tolerate the post/thread moderation and invasions of privacy. It was always on that basis that this forum was set up in the first place, based on the idea that we could all get along in a civilised manner without the need for censorship in the forum by way of moderation.

    Lately the atmosphere here has changed significantly and it has become toxic as a result of posts and threads being jumped on and taken apart simply for the purpose of forcing a point of view, regardless of acceptance. In other words, this is a form of trolling that isn't acceptable and should stop immediately.

    We don't moderate posts, we don't read private messages and the only people we ban are outright spammers and bots. In fact, the only regular human poster who was banned three or four years ago, was simply here trolling on the forum with personal attacks and other such anti-social behaviour.

    Everyone enjoys a healthy discussion - surely that's why we are here in the first place? On the other hand, trolling posts, constantly goading members to react and creating a general atmosphere of conflict is not acceptable at all and has to stop.

    Please consider this message as a warning, as there won't be another if this continues.

  • interesting post Splinter .....

    I look forward to you enforcing that then.....

    Even if it's enforcing it over opinions that you share, but obviously is trolling and out of context.

    To give an hypothetical example:

    You have a thread that is called " CHEESE".....this thread would be discussing cheese in the way it is considered accordingly to most people......meaning a lactate food product.

    If someone would then start to divert the thread from discussing cheese for political issues......for example: "Saddam Hussein liked blue cheese" , and he was a terrible person", would not really contribute to the discussion but try to stir up something.

    Also even hints, like "cheap girls like cheese" would be a trolling attempt, even that you did not say "hookers like to eat xxx".

    Furthermore in a thread, like f.ex the "CHEESE" thread, I think it would be fully in line to quote a google or Yahoo multiple hit result from a quote or a postulation.

    Also obvious numbers and general facts, I do not think, is out of place in a thread.....in the "CHEESE" thread, f.ex. saying Denmark is a cheese country, because they are the biggest cheese consumer in the world.

    Even that someone could find it insulting, I believe that is not out of place.

    If you do not believe the internet in general is a good source for information valuable for this forum, you should please list some news channels, search machines or information channels that is allowed to be used and referred to on this forum.

    And lastly, I find your troll thread quite pathetic and fully in line with the standards that is used to suppress opinions that you do not share and don't wanna be presented with.

    If you want to block me and ban me from the site, I couldn't care less!

    I think you could then chill more out in your cocoon.

  • Splinter

    Closed the thread.