Anyone having sleep problems?

  • Maybe it's my body clock, but in the last few years I've been waking up between 4 and 6 am every morning no matter what time I go to sleep. The secret is to try to close my eyes at no later than 11 pm, but with one thing and another, it never works out like that so I sometimes end up with only about four hours sleep.

    I need at least seven hours in order to function normally. If I don't get that, my battery meter reads about 45% charge and my brain starts to slow to a crawl and my eyes begin to shut.

    Recently I've been waking up at 5 am and then going back to bed at 8, a quick sleep (deep) for an hour or so and then when I wake up my battery meter is back up to around 90%.

    If I have a drink before bed, I sleep much better.:cheers: and it's not related to quarantine at all. This has been happening for ages.

    Anyone else having sleep problems?

  • I don't have sleep issues at all, but I have noticed that there are some life rhythms that don't work for me.

    I need to sleep 7 to 8 hours, but I don't like to get up too late in the morning and to stay up late at night. The reason is very simple: if I get up early, I can achieve much more than staying up late.

    For me, anything past 11 PM becomes late. I am happy if I can get up at 6 AM, although I must confess that lately I have been getting up at 8 AM or later, which is awfully late in my book.

    For my work, I sometimes go to bed at 2 AM. As I need to concentrate, the noise around me, the people awoken doing their stuff, talking, calling, emailing messaging me... they disrupt my work. At night, I am 'alone' and I can concentrate better. However, my performance hold only for a limited time, and definitely I can pull off a stunt like this once in a while, but not regularly.

    I was never the kind of person who can pull an all nighter, and I did it only once or twice in my life because I had to and not because I wanted to.

    I am also one of those lucky persons who recline their airplane seat and call it a day for several hours in a row. Last time I boarded a plane, I was asleep before they started distributing the food. 8|

  • On average I sleep around 6 hours in bed which is what I've been used to doing for over 40 years. Never was one for having long sleeps even in my youth. If I have time I do nod off in my chair in the late afternoon/early evening for half an hour. My missus OTOH could win a gold medal for sleeping.

  • Maybe she sleeps harder because she has spent the day working harder, UK Man ?


    I used to work harder when we were in the UK and she still slept more!! :P

    Seven to eight hours is a perfect amount of sleep.

    Everyone's different. For over 30 years I had to get up at 6am for the commute to work so I think my bodyclock just got so used to it. Even on my days off I was an early riser.

    Anyway, the dogs would soon let us know they wanted out if we both had a lie-in. ^^