New threads

  • To avoid highjacking other threads or keep paddling around in the same soup.....I was thinking about what the end 2020, start 2021 thread could be....

    (Assuming I have not been banned from site or killed for being presumably nazi and speaking odd English).

    Here a few suggestions:

    "The country in flames we were left with"

    "Return to democracy"

    "Bye-bye police"

    "A ruined economy we need to deal with"

  • Steady on @JAN

    That's pretty inflammatory talk. We don't ban anybody on this forum without a very good reason. In fact, the only people banned to date are spammers or bots. I also know that you're joking about being eliminated for being what you just suggested, but I really don't think there's any good reason for that kind of talk.

    If you or anyone else wants to start a thread along the lines of what you've suggested, please do so.

    This thread therefore serves no useful purpose. Just start the thread and let's stop pissing about.

  • yes Splinter I know I was semi joking.....

    This thread serves a purpose.....because the theme of end 2020 have not been found yet....each day things changes.....and who knows, maybe the new thread comes before end 2020......