Riding in Buenos Aires and cyclists.

  • Do cyclists think they're immune to traffic lights or that accidents simply don't happen?

    Frankly I'm surprised that there aren't more accidents involving cyclists because they all rush through red lights simply hoping for the best. Even when I go through on green I look both ways just to make sure a cyclist isn't coming and I've had plenty of near-misses. This is especially true today with so many food delivery cyclists around. I know we all have to earn a crust, but surely a little common sense would help?

  • you should know by now, people texting on their phone, eating an apple with visible joy or bicycles have priority!!!

  • Splinter , it’s a good thing you don’t live near UK Man , or you’d be riding with the nutcases!

    Thankfully not all are nutcases....around 50% are sensible although even some of them are capable of going through red lights. The police just turn a blind eye to it so I suppose you can't expect anything else.

    The only time they seem to bother is when the culprits have an accident and end up in hospital. The bike ends up being taken away due to it having no plates or the rider not having a license or insurance. We pass the police pound regularly and the number of bikes there must run into hundreds.