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Police shootings and general behaviour in the USA

  • The current situation in the USA is only indirectly related to the Corid19 Virus

    Its nothing to do with Trump although his policies and tweets dont help too much.

    How much injustice is really prevalent in US society?

    Certainly there are people on both sides of the argument who are looking to take advantage of the curfews and the police brutality

    There certainly seems to be a quite a number of well-organized anarchist forces looking to cause problems.

    One of my friends daughters sent us all a message yesterday from Minneapolis.

    I wanted to write because we've received concerned calls and texts. We are fine. We live outside St Paul, 20 minutes from the city center. There's a curfew, and at least here people seemed to follow it. We could hear the helicopters last night. It smells like smoke this morning. Not sure what they're showing on the news but our friends in the heart of the city say there's two very different things happening. One: small- and large-scale peaceful protest over the murder of George Floyd. These are organized and coordinated community efforts and include cleanup, supply donation, and medical aid. I belong to a Minnesota Moms' group and a Jewish group that are both organizing protests and collecting supplies. And two: then there are mobs engaging in destruction. It's really terrible. From the local news, "Minnesota Department of Public Safety said state leaders have intel that may point to agitators — including white supremacist groups and drug cartels — possibly playing a role in the anarchy."

    We are new to this city, new to this state. We chose to move here, we sought it out because it ticked so many boxes for us. Quality of life, education, civic involvement. We love it here. But we approach these things with white privilege. Our experience differs from our fellow citizens, and that matters. What's happening in Minnesota and in Atlanta, New York, and other cities is not just what you are seeing on the news. But it's happening and being felt in every corner of the country, and the world is watching.

    We have the potential to be so much better than this. America will only be great when it is great for all. So when you watch the news, think about what you are not seeing, and think about what you can do to change the story.

  • GlasgowJohn .....

    I wanted to start a thread about this, but was reluctant...... because I know the direction it would take.

    What is going on now is obviously orchestrated by a certain group of people.

    It's not just the redundant "white policeman racist approach against blacks".

    As I pointed out in the Trump thread: anyone that think about the hundreds of police officers that get executed yearly by assassin creeps??? It's a lot!

    The police is constantly confronted with situations of life or death....and many times loose.

    Something that also need to be addressed in this story: according to autopsy, Floyd did not die of affixation, but from a cardiac arrest and underlying health issues. Already early in the incident he started to get strange and situation escaladed. It was a combination of many bad decisions and happenings, and of course to brutal attitude of the police.

    But to me it seems like a great copy of Maldonado......

    These type of incidents are brought up on a daily basis...."black man arrested for walking down the street".....after shooting around with a gun on street and raping a pathetic biased to try to create hate against the authorities.

    If you follow many of these cases, f.ex. on "blue lifes matters", u will realize how families of serial offenders and killers sue police officers and state for money, even that the crime of the criminal is crystal clear through bodycams and surveillance videos.

    And one point nobody grown up can understand: how can it be a good thing to put a country on fire, kill people, create close to civil war conditions?

    Afterwards exactly the same baboons will cry over that there is no money to support new schools, hospital, security and and and.

    What is happening is a left wing attack on America, with the help of George Soros.

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    Clearly there will always be thug elements that take advantage of riots for their very own agendas, but the general thrust of blacks being harassed by bigoted white policeman is inescapable.

    @JAN So what if George Floyd had underlying health issues? The fact is that he died at the hands of a policeman in yet another case of police vs blacks.

    I suspect that you would not wish to be a poor black person living in the USA. I know I wouldn't.

  • Another thing that I think is a quite important thing in this whole black/white debate: try and look into crime statistics based on ethnicity.....

    A overly proportioned part of crime in general is committed by black!

    Just fact, whether u like it or not! Actually a black homicide is around 8 times more likely to happen than with a white, (again, all in relation to population!!!!).

    And another important number:

    93% of black people killed are killed by black, and 84% white are killed of white people!

    So the bullshit, the white is killing the blacks is totally crap!!!!

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    You really are scraping the bottom of the barrel today @JAN

    We are discussing the background behind the senseless death of George Floyd, what has happened since and why. If you read up on the circumstances, you'll find that the police officer held his knee on Floyd's neck for around eight minutes, with Floyd losing consciousness at around six minutes. He was already dead.

  • Splinter u have clearly not read my two posts!!!! That's scraping the bottom of the barrel....!

    But just in case u r to lazy to read my full posts before commenting and referring to it: I'm in no way sympathizing with the action from the police officer, also I find it tragic what happened, and the police officer should be put to trial accordingly!!!

    Now please make a crying post for help and justice for the innocent police officers getting killed in nasty ambushes today! Or their lifes does not matter to u?

  • 93% of black people are killed by black Splinter !!!!!

    By googling u get any statistic u could need to draw a conclusion on the racial war between black and white!

    This guy had bad luck, just like the police officers getting executed today by rioters!

    Except the police are doing their job and serving America....

  • and by doing a little research about the "gentle giant" as George Floyd was called....a person that could never hurt a fly.....guy got charged with 5 years of prison for armed assault and robbery in his hometown Houston. Just for the record! And again, I do not support the actions of the police and the death.....but things need to be put in relation.

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    I haven't seen one report of police officers being 'executed' by rioters and Floyd didn't just have bad luck, as you so coldly put it, he himself was executed, to use your own words.

    Also, the fact that he had a criminal record does not make any difference to the facts. He is alleged to have passed a counterfeit dollar bill in the shop where he was arrested, so by your implications, he got everything he deserved because he was bad and black.

    This is how his life was ended.

  • A very unfortunate incident which has been hijacked by the usual suspects for all the wrong reasons.

    I would have thought the US police would be better equipped for apprehending someone without having to resort to using their knees.

  • A very thoughtful message from your daughter’s friend, GlasgowJohn .

    Perhaps some context can help. Here are some scattered thoughts I’ve had while watching in horror as peaceful protests have been co-opted by those whose agenda is anything but peaceful.

    Disconnected contextual thoughts:
    1. From the start, with an economy partially built on slavery, the US, sadly, has had a continuing thread of racism.

    2. Police are more suspicious of black people than of white people, stopping them in traffic more often, searching them more often when stopped, arresting them more often instead of ticketing. Black people who are poor are represented by court-appointed attorneys, who often lose their cases and the client goes to jail, giving racists a chance to point out how many more black people than white are imprisoned.

    3. Black people are far more likely to be killed by police than white people.

    4. In recent years, the police have somehow had evolved from peace keepers to almost an army, purchasing and using surplus military weapons meant for war, not peacekeeping. Why do the US police need to use weapons of war against our own people?

    5. Peaceful public protests against our own government and real or perceived wrongs has been an identifying feature of the US, from the Boston Tea Party onward.

    6. The peaceful protest described in GlasgowJohn ’s post very quickly attracted the attention of people with more nefarious agendas, white supremacists and anarchists among them. The FBI will be scrutinizing security footage, but an educated guess would be that Al-Queda and Isis operatives in the US also sprang into action. What better time to turn citizens against each other by destroying banks, stores, post offices, police stations - - causing many to think these things were done by the protesters, and to say “why can’t the protesters stop at dissent, without burning down buildings?”

    7. In New Orleans, where there is plenty of black poverty and there have been many cases of police brutality and suspicious deaths, we are having protests but no destruction - yet - The city is perhaps too small to attract outside terrorists - - yet.

    8. Where is the national leadership in this time of uprisings straight across the country from New York to Chicago to Los Angeles?

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    One of my friends daughters sent us all a message yesterday from Minneapolis.

    A friend from Los Angeles described similar scenarios. He texted me yesterday the following:

    He wants to move to Europe as soon as possible and I can see why.

  • Asshole whites

    Look at this video Splinter ....

    Some fucking white assholes getting their ass smacked up......they deserve it more than anyone!

    If u want, I pass u a few more great videos.....plenty of them!

    Afterwards for sure some evil policeman will trace them down, just because they are black!

    Thank God I'm not a police officer in America.....they would be more freaking holed up than the Venezuelan oil pibes!

  • Rice ......

    Since u mention statistics.....

    Have u tried researching for ethnicity in crimes? Who commit what and how many percent etc?

    By a crazy surprise u will see there is a correlation!!!!!

    Crimes committed/ethnicity.

    It's like wanna go for beach holiday in Ushuaia.......u might try the Caribbean, odds are better there!

    I also posted in this thread the ethnic killing rate.....93% black are killed by black!!!!! So really it debunks many of the weird theories. Or maybe it a racist black killing a black nigga?

  • serafina , when in the middle of the fray, it would be hard for bystanders like your friend to think that the destruction is probably being done by anarchists rather than protesters, or that it is the national guard rather than the army that was called in.

    What a terrifying experience for your friend. I’m sorry that it happened to him/her, and especially sorry that it happened in the United States.