A day in the City in the time of Covid-19

  • A few days before the lockdown hit Argentina, I went to shop for a pair of sunglasses. Mine were lost in India 2 years ago, and I need lenses because I am both short sighted and sensible to light.

    I think the total price was around 9000 pesos, I gave a 4000 pesos deposit and had to collect them in 4 days in Belgrano.

    This was two months ago. Since this week they have eased restrictions in the City, I got in touch with the Optician store and they said I could book an appointment on their website, and that was a good enough reason to go out. And the missing 5000 pesos are now a lot less dollars compared to when I ordered them.

    I had been indoor for about 60 days straight and didn't miss going out. I missed going out for my usual stuff (food and goods), but not the idea of going out. We stayed out 3 hours because my husband also decided to get a new pair of glasses, too, and because of that we had to wait for the technicians to fit the new lenses, and we needed more cash to pay for them, so we had to walk to the bank...

    The mask is a pain. Most people were wearing it... except those smoking. It is curious that getting at risk because of tobacco gives you an exemption.

    There was some traffic but not as usual. The city was quite calm, not like on Sunday, but not the usual traffic either.

    On our way to the bank and back to the store we bought some groceries. And then we stopped at La Mezzetta for a fugazzetta that we ate at home. I guess I am done for another 60 days.

    The garden center near our place is also open. They should follow the DNI last digit number to let people in but they do not. This happens everywhere. I guess given the situation, any business is better than odd/even number business.

    I also observed the dumbest mask ever, a crocheted mask with big holes,,, and it was not padded like the one shown below.


    Since in crocheting there is no limit to fantasy, a British nurse took it to another level and decided to make her own like this.


    I am not making this up! A selection of various crocheted items with the same theme here: https://metro.co.uk/2020/03/29…al-vulva-design-12473189/

  • [quote='Rice','https://www.argentinaexpats.org/forum/index.php?thread/2353-a-day-in-the-city-in-the-time-of-covid-19/&postID=22482#post22482']

    And exactly why would anyone want that on their face? Free advertising?


    Maybe she likes being called a c**t?!

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  • I don't mind not going out for a couple of days but after that I start to go stir crazy....and we have a garden as well. So there's no way I'd last not going out for 6 days never mind 60. 8|

    It's been compulsory here to wear a mask every time you go out the door for over 6 weeks now and I must say I hate wearing it. Mine are plain white or black.