Scam alert for hulu users

  • From Kim Kommando tonight:

    Don’t fall for this realistic spoofed email

    Streaming services have seen a major surge as we try to stay entertained while we’re stuck at home. That’s why scammers have been laser-focused on targeting streaming service users.

    We recently told you about a fake offer for free Netflix that people were receiving through WhatsApp or text message. The strange messages promise a three-month premium Netflix subscription for free in exchange for clicking a link. Tap or click here for details on that scam.

    Now, it’s Hulu users’ turn to be in the spotlight. An extremely realistic-looking fake email is being sent claiming that there was a problem with your Hulu payment.

    Supposedly something went wrong and your payment was unable to be processed. The message goes on to say, “unfortunately, your Hulu subscription has been canceled.” But don’t worry, you can always reactivate your subscription at any time. A link is included in the message for you to reactivate Hulu.

    Warning: Do not click on the reactivation link! It’s a scam. phishing-hulu-405x546.jpg?lossy=0&strip=1&webp=1

    This is a perfect example of how good cybercriminals are getting at spoofing emails and websites. It looks so realistic, it would be difficult for anyone to spot it as a fake.

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    If you were to click on the malicious reactivate Hulu link you’d be taken to a spoofed website. Once you’re on the spoofed site, you’d be asked to enter your Hulu credentials and to update your payment information. Not good! You’d be handing over banking information directly to criminals.

    The fact that we’re seeing more phishing emails like this makes it imperative to follow safety precautions to avoid falling victim. Keep reading for ways to stay protected.

    How to avoid the dreaded phishing scam

    Verify the sender

    Whenever you receive an email from a company that you do business with, make sure to verify the email address the message is sent from. In this Hulu scam, the email came from It does kind of look legit since it has Hulu in the address and it’s not full of numbers and crazy characters like $^&*#.

    However, if you go to Hulu’s official website and log in, you can navigate to the contact us section and send them an email. You’ll notice the official email address is That’s why it’s important to verify email senders to make sure it’s coming from the official site.

    Never trust links

    There is always the possibility of an unsolicited email being a scam. That’s why you should never trust links or attachments found in unsolicited emails.

    Instead, if you receive a message saying there is a problem with your account and it’s been canceled or blocked type the site’s address directly into your browser. That way you’ll know you are visiting the real deal and not a spoofed site.

  • Thanks for the heads up. I do not use the what's app but this could still pop up in some other place. Tried Netflix but it was just to expensive for my budget. I currently am using CBS All Access and Amazon Prime. I can rent or buy movies for what I would pay for Netflix.