We won a bag of grocery products at Carrefour!

  • A couple of years ago, my husband enrolled in Mi Carrefour. Every time we shop in a carrefour, we are asked if we are enrolled and provide our code (which is my husband’s DNI).
    Yesterday he received an email announcing he won a ‘canasto carrefour’ with a list of other winners and the branch where we could collect it (our usually shopping branch, a small Carrefour express).

    Today he was given a reusable Carrefour bag, plus a number of goods:
    Olives are behind the DDL, and there is a bag of rice behind the chips and grated bread. The dark red one is a barbed sponge (virulana)

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  • Are they past the sell by date? :P

    I haven't checked, but I am quite surprised they put a can of tuna and oil in the mix. They are quite expensive compared to other basic goods (like sugar, for example).

    We don't usually buy these products from Carrefour, except maybe the olives if I need them for a recipe, the crackers, and the sponge.

    I talked with my husband and he had participated in a survey on https://www.panelcarrefour.com.ar/index.php

    The prize came from the participation in the panel, not from Mi Carrefour. My apologies - I wasn't aware of this.

  • To be fair, Mi Carrefour gives me free stuff regulalry. I have a free egg at easter, champagne at Christmas, that kind of stuff. Only downside is me or the wife have to take a photo shaking the hand of the supermarket store manager. I always volunteer my wife, of course.

  • Btw, if you like easter eggs, some of them are very cheap in Carrefour now. Cheaper than regular chocolate in many cases.

    Can you recommend a brand? We have been buying the Dia's chocolate en taza for my cakes, and found out it is also good to eat alone, and definitely cheaper than any chocolate bar sold for other use. I think it's 30-50 pesos the bar. But, of course, there is no fondant chocolate.

  • the best local chocolate I know here is the Aguila black Amargo one.....

    That is really as close as it gets to normal dark chocolate without any additions.

    Of course it's expensive.....but now by a high usd/euro, actually ok priced.....think it's 250 for a plate! The normal Aquila in a pink color packing not even closely as good!