Future international flights

  • Montevideo Airport opened last week for international flights

    They have two flights a week to Madrid and three to Sao Paulo at the moment.

    They are also doing tests for arriving passengers. Free at the moment but they plan to charge 100 dollars a time very shortly.

  • Brazil is still acting as a hub for some countries . Unlikely I would use it right now like most people .

    I used to use Foz de Iguazu as a starting point for trips to Europe as you could get really good fares from there and could return direct to Bs As.

    As I always have business things in Puerto Iguazu , it was easy to justify and combine trips.

  • Not a word from Norwegian, so I'll have to go public on Twitter.

    Oops, just checked:


    Thank you for your message.


    We understand that this is a frustrating situation for many of our customers, and we’re continuously working to adapt our flight schedule to the ongoing government-imposed travel restrictions. Due to the uncertainty of the pandemic, it’s very difficult to know when we will be able fly again. We want to start flying as soon as possible after the travel restrictions have been lifted and all operational details are in place, but we’re unfortunately unable to be more specific at this point.
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  • Airlines need about 4-6 weeks to plan their schedules.

    That's why they are trying to get the government to commit to the September 1st date

    All the big European legacy carriers have loaded their timetables for September into the booking systems.

    Norwegian are still playing for time....

  • I had tickets booked with Aerolineas from London to Rio Gallegos on sept 2nd. I booked seperate tickets to fly from edinburgh to Gatwick.

    I went online to check the status of my flight and it said no longer available.

    I contacted them via whatsapp and they advised me they changed there schedule and the madrid to Bs flight was now no longer flying on the 2nd. They suggested a 42 hour layover in madrid and 18 hours in Bs but no guarantee that would not change. They also had to change my return date to a day later which screwed my flights home to edinburgh..

    I requested a full refund and was told yes but be 5 months.

    I then booked Edinburgh to Bs with British Airways on 2nd September again and another Aerolineas flight from Bs to Rio Gallegos. Now they have been put back to phase 1 in rio gallegos i have no idea if the Bs flight to RG will fly . My fear is my BA flight to Bs goes ahead and due to new quarantine measures that my gallegos flight does not go ahead and im stuck in Bs.

    My friend has offered to drive up if province borders are open and pick me up from patagonia but no idea if this is viable due to where i need to do my quarantine. One massive clusterfuck of unknowns...

  • Not so good. That's the trouble with having connections at both ends not on the same ticket as the long haul sector. Even during normal times it's a big risk. I shudder when I think back to the days I used to fly from Glasgow to Buenos Aires with connections along the way on different tickets. All the best to you.

  • It sounds very tricky to travel nowadays. The risk of getting out and not be able to reach the destination or to come back when planned is off putting.

    After junk tv, I am looking for distance learning master’s degree to keep me entertained for the next year. Some UK universities are offering the first semester online or blended, but plan on resuming campus classes as soon as it is safe to do so. However, I don’t want the commitment of having to travel if I am not sure when/if I’ll ever been able to go and come back. I don’t want to be separated from my husband for months nor to risk my life to take a plane during the next wave of the pandemics.

    Basically, I am trying to make my best of my ‘jail’ time. I think this will weaken during spring, and we are lucky that the warm weather last longer here.

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  • My wife wants us to go to Europe next year but I've dismissed the idea of travelling anywhere. I'm not really bothered about it health wise I just don't see any point in making plans until everything is back to normal and noone knows when that'll be....2022 hopefully. In Argentina probably never. ^^

  • It is pretty clear there won’t be a covid-19 vaccine available soon enough to make early 2021 travel safe (or even possible) to many places, and most people seem to be nowhere close to feeling comfortable on a long-haul flight until more is known about this virus.

    But once people are starting to move around the world again, what will we find? During this odd, time-compressed past five months. we somehow have had the feeling that a curtain will be lifted and we will find all our old haunts unchanged.

    Travelers to Buenos Aires and our home city, New Orleans, probably will find a graveyard of permanently closed restaurants and boarded-up small stores, reduced hotel options, and diminished visitor services. In short, some of the reasons for traveling will no longer exist.

    We all want to return to the time when we can travel to visit family and friends. But travel for sheer pleasure and tourism may be a long way off.