Future international flights

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  • I finally got some clarification from Norwegian through Twitter, but it was like pulling teeth out.

    I needed to know how many cash points our tickets were worth and after several times of asking, I was finally given the number. I mean, are you really going to convert your ticket if you don't know what those cash points are going to be worth? Not me.

    Anyway, the tickets would be worth cash points based on the amount of AR$ we paid back in December, then using the official exchange rate US$/AR$ we end up with a number - 1 cash point = 1 Norwegian Krona - so when converted to US$, I found that the amount of points would only be enough for two thirds of the original value, if we were to use them at a later date.

    One also has to consider probable official devaluation of the peso, which many say could be as much as 100%, so making up the difference later on, would be much more expensive.

    My gut instinct always said to hang on, since the existing tickets are still valid (7th Sept flight), we have family prepared to put us up and if we move the date now, it just keeps disappearing over the horizon.

    We'll hang on then, keep our tickets and see how borders are looking in August.

  • Yet another stress point in the time of covid-19, I’m afraid. In your shoes, I’d have made the same decision, Splinter , because there is no way to guess what the situation will be 3 months from now.