Daily life in the time of Covid-19

  • First question on daily life during Covid-19 times:

    How long has it been since you've had a haircut?

    Has anyone resorted to cutting your own / your spouse's hair?

    When you go to the grocery store for necessary supplies, do people run away, screaming?

  • One of the first things I am gonna do, is going to the hairdresser! I want shorter hair, and I don’t dare to cut them myself, even if nobody would see me with my weird hairdo.

    I sent my husband to have a haircut the last day it was possible to go out because he had extra long hair, Depardieu-like. He came back with the same scruffy head and possibly a few less strand here and there. I asked him WTF?! and he said he wanted his hair like Liam Gallagher in the ‘90s. Eeeeeew!

    I told him only him could decide to go for a long cut the day before the lockdown started. He replied he values his image and I told me there wouldn’t anybody watching his hair for at least a month.

    The next day (first day of quarantine) he reconsidered and I was allowed to cut some loose strands. But he never admitted I was correct.

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  • I have been cutting my own hair in the mirror for several years. Sometimes I will rope my wife in to help and then promptly moan at the job she did. I have awful hair, so there's no point paying someone for me to hate the result anyway.

  • My husband has a great barber in Palermo, whose charge is always down around $5 USD. He is good at cutting awful hair, and he's fast. Also very, very nice. When all of this is over, if you find yourself wandering towards Charcas and Vidt, give him a try!

  • The missus was saying hairdressers here are allowed to open.

    I had mine cut just before the lockdown started so it'll be a few weeks yet before I get told to go to Tatti my hairdresser.

  • Not content with blasting our ear drums with the curfew siren we're now getting the national anthem played over the loudspeaker at 9pm. I heard it tonight and the wife said she heard it the other night.

    I shall have to investigate further....what's next? The army marching down the street?

  • I've noticed that the police checkpoints are now fewer and the ones that remain seem to be less stringent by just waving many people through.

    This country's obsession with your identity and the need to inspect your DNI has really shown its unhealthy side over the last few weeks, giving many a jobsworth police recruit the chance to behave like budding Hitlers.

    Fortunately, my new system of having all my papers clearly visible to the most fascist authoritarian is working very smoothly and I'm sailing through those checkpoints.

  • At the police roadblock yesterday we had the car sprayed with goodness knows what.

    No cigarettes to be had again anywhere in town!! Had to buy rolling tobacco. They reckon the next delivery of fags won't be until the 9th. The smokers are going mad.

  • This is why people hoard! To prevent impulse hoarding, there has to be the reliable expectation that the supply chain will continuously deliver the goods. Having watched what happened in Venezuela, people in Argentina don’t want to have to trust that they will be able to buy flour, toilet paper, or tobacco when they need them.

    I hope you get your cigarettes before the 9th, UK Man . Now, as to that stuff that was sprayed on your car? Outrageous that there was no explanation. Speculation about what it was?

  • According to some cop i know it's just bleach and water mix just to get your car dirty lol because there's no proof to prevent anything other than preventing you from keeping your car clean:)