Argentina to ban the sale of tickets on international flights?

  • Yesterday, La Nación announced that the Government reinforced the ban on the sale of international flights, and extended it to September 2020.

    Today Clarín wrote that they changed their mind. Personally, last night I was checking my Embassy's website to know how to get out of Argenzuela...

    Curiously, yesterday there was a repatriation flight for Italians stranded in Argentina. The Italian Consulate in Buenos Aires announced it proudly on Facebook, but the users flooded the post with a series of insults. The reason? The supposed repatriation flight was sold for 1900 euros to 2500 euros, one way, which is more than the cost on the same route, same carrier (Alitalia) in peak season. Most of the stranded people do not have that kind of money and are blocked and locked here until June, possibly.

    At least this is a low cost destination for them...


    La Administración Nacional de Aviación Civil (ANAC) autorizó a las aerolíneas a vender de manera anticipada pasajes para vuelos regulares a partir del 1º de septiembre. A través de una resolución publicada hoy en el Boletín Oficial, el organismo que encabeza Paola Tamburelli establece que todas las aerolíneas que operan en el país, tanto las que hacen vuelos de cabotaje como internacionales, "podrán reprogramar sus operaciones regulares o solicitar autorizaciones para operaciones no regulares a partir del 1° de septiembre de 2020".

    La resolución aclara que esta autorización "estará supeditadas al efectivo levantamiento de las restricciones impuestas al transporte aerocomercial (...) generada por el nuevo Coronavirus COVID 19".

    Esta decisión salió apenas 24 horas después de que la propia ANAC prohibiera la venta anticipada de pasajes a vuelos que no tuvieran autorización del organismo, una medida que había levantado polvareda entre las aerolíneas, ya que están apelando al mecanismo de venta anticipada para hacer algo de caja.

    La resolución de hoy no anula aquella prohibición, pero abre una amplia ventana de tiempo: la venta anticipada será para dentro de cuatro meses, cuando se espera que los vuelos estén normalizados. E impone una prohibición concreta a vender pasajes para vuelos de repatriación que no cuenten con la venia explícita de la ANAC.

  • serafina

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  • for me I hope they ban any flight two foreign tenants renting by me....hope they stay forever.... hahaha! But I seriously doubt it!

    My guess is they will loosen up in some of those travel least going out from here.....but I guess we shouldn't expect spanish, Italian and US guests soon.....

  • It's not just me who panicked after this news. Apparently also who's locked outside is complaining.

    While on a rational level I can understand it, my body is yelling LET ME OUT!

    Argentina imposes toughest travel ban in the Americas, sparking outcry

    Cassandra Garrison, Marcelo Rochabrun

    3 MIN READ

    BUENOS AIRES (Reuters) - Argentina on Monday banned all commercial flight ticket sales until September, one of the toughest coronavirus travel bans in the world, prompting an industry outcry that the new measure will put too much strain on airlines and airports.

  • serafina .....would take it to's just to prevent the agencies and airlines to scam!!!!!

    Trying to cash now, for nothing ever delivered.....

    I'm sure as soon as all this loosen up, it will be released a bit......

  • the airlines are closer to close to dying..... of the greatest and well run companies, is begging for money not to go belly up!!!!!

    They are trying to stay alive day by day.....

    So to sell tickets for future is a good way of getting a little cash flow.....

    I don't want to think of the financial dire of local companies and what they are willing to do.....

    But, great for aerolineas.....they can just can just cash the government money and wait till there is no airline left!!! Viva Peron!

  • Argentina's economy will take more of a whipping because the government is propping up the airline.

    If there is a travel ban around the world for the next six months, the airline and in turn the travel industries may never recover. Again, it becomes a question of do governments protect public health or choose to stimulate the economy by opening travel.

  • I have a great business idea:

    Corona resorts....... imagine nice 5 star fully equipped luxury resorts with all you can wish for, and open to anyone.....with or without virus, guests coming from all around globe........of course with exclusive travel through own airlines etc.

    I'm not even joking!

  • the airlines are closer to close to dying..... of the greatest and well run companies, is begging for money not to go belly up!!!!!

    I was perusing Lufthansa website the other day, and there are round tickets Buenos Aires to Milan, via Frankfurt, fort just 727 USD.

    Can't beat that!

    But I tried the same with LATAM for a simple Buenos Aires - Miami and the website says there are no flights available. However, the Ezeiza airport's website shows daily flights. I am not sure they are running empty passenger planes for cargo shipping. It makes sense to use cargo-only flights.

  • Lufthunsa are due me money for a march flight thety cancelled 3 days aftere argentina closed its borders nd no sign of my refund.

    Latam and AA also for april flights internal so who knows when i will get these back.

    European flights looking to start up again in june/july..

    Do you get the impression that no flights will be allowed from europe until well after sept and may include a mandatory 14 day quarantine

  • IATA’s VP for the Americas said that many airlines aren’t going to be back to Argentina at all. Apparently, Argentina is the only country to have enacted such strict measures on flights. He also complains that Argentina has failed to provide a justification to support their decision to ground planes (literally) for four months.

    LA NACION - "Varias aerolíneas no van a regresar a la Argentina", dice Peter Cerdá, de IATA -

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  • hahaha, Yea very idea what the idea or plan can be.....:/

    Day by day I get more and more confirmed in my personal conspiracy plan.....

  • Seems

    serafina .....would take it to's just to prevent the agencies and airlines to scam!!!!!

    Trying to cash now, for nothing ever delivered.....

    I'm sure as soon as all this loosen up, it will be released a bit......

    I suspect that's true. Airlines in Europe were refunding fares paid on cancelled flights with vouchers instead of cash hoping customers would use them at a later date so they could keep the cash. However the EU bods were forcing airlines not to do this however the airlines complained they would go bust quicker if they had to refund in cash. Now the EU have agreed to reimburse passengers if the airline goes bust.

    Perhaps that's why the Argentine government took this decision?