WSC-Connect coming to iOS

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  • WSC-Connect is similar to Tapatalk, but more secure and lets you use the forum on your mobile device. That isn't to say that Tapatalk isn't secure, but WSC-Connect is built specifically for WoltLab Forum software such as this forum.

    You can download it at Google Play Store, but it doesn't appear to be available for iOS at the moment though, sorry.

  • If you're on Android, I would highly recommend this app, as it's streets ahead of Tapatalk in terms of smoothness and professionalism.

    You can view this forum and add posts, replies and everything else you would normally do on your PC or tablet, but on the move.

    Unfortunately there are no plans for an iOS version due to compatibility issues with that operating system.…


    I've just discovered that WSC is now in the testing phase for iOS, which means that it's heading for release on iPhones.

    There's an article here that explains the app progress in German. Open in Chrome and hit translate.…t-f%C3%BCr-ios/#post10557

  • Thank you! Let's hope the iOS version will be released soon.

    I am currently using the paid Tapatalk app for iPhone and it doesn't sync with my computer, meaning that I see notifications on post that I have already read and commented. It is also not clear why I get posts from other forums on the app main page, I think they are similar posts based on my interests.

    I am on another forum where kins are used. They are sort of points you can give to useful contributors as a thank you. These point can be redeemed to buy the VIP access, remove ads, etc.