Liv - Optic fiber internet service provider

  • Today I was displayed the ad of a new (?) internet provider called Liv. They offer coverage in my area and currently advertise 200-300-500 MB plans.

    Any member has some feedback on them? We currently have 50 Mb/s with Telecentro for 1051 ARS per month. It is not very fast and there is some delay on all devices (nothing we cannot live with, though), plus the occasional hiccups. I am tempted to try the 200 MBps. I am sure a 4x jump will more than enough for us.

  • serafina

    Changed the title of the thread from “Liv - Cable internet service provider” to “Liv - Optic fiber internet service provider”.
  • Unfortunately Claro doesn't cover our area. They are giving you a great deal.

    We are currently taking advantage of a customized offer from Telecentro, according to my husband. $1050 is not the regular price. But there is always a 'customized offer' with Telecentro, so it's hard to compare.

    I'll ask my husband to talk with these guys from Liv. In Italy they did the same thing, except that the last leg was cable and defeat the purpose of optic fiber!