Goverment buys for 574 million peso food

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  • Why dont we set up a company called Barbijos Britanicos? Import some cheap masks from Hong Kong , ship them to the Falklands and then on to Bs As.

    Could make a few million pesos without too much sweat .

    I know someone who once met with Albertito and they had lunch together. I also have a strange friend who would be a perfect partner for his "son".

    And if we could get him to sign some of @Splinter's books , we would be stinking rich in about 90 minutes.

    What do you think? Answers on the back of a 5,000 pesos note to my address in sunny Escobar.

  • While I love the idea of making money through Falklands routing, that few million pesos we’d make in 90 minutes would be worth $4.72 US by the time we got our hands on it!

  • It has never been clearer!!!!

    It's called expropriation!!!!

    The extension of the quarantine is another indication of the road ahead.

    The problem is this: the people depending on handouts was always getting money, and don't care about the quarantine.....but the rest of population need to earn an honest income.....and that is impossible under those conditions. Beside that the 10.000 peso help, 80 USD, does not help a media income's worthless nearly.

    I hope some serious resistance well arise soon.....

  • Remember early last month when I said someone I know told me this has been the goal of the extended lockdown? Cripple companies, buy them on the cheap, and take control of them.

  • Semigoodlooking it's not just a cheap conspiracy theory like all the other measures that have been taken, but a fact!

    But they camouflage many of their actions with spreading out the ideas between their's not suggested directly by the top since then it would be obvious.

    What is now the new strategy is also to play the poor, villa people Brazilian card: mass infections in the vulnerable neighborhoods BLABLABLA......btw, those neighborhoods are the ones that respect the quarantine the least....

    And in regard to the tragedy happening in Brazil: it's not more tragic that Germany.....the death rate the same more or less!!!!

    Btw I have a new name for the action going on, it falls very well in line with all the other bullshit money scam and control programs like cuidAR and so's called expropriAR.......its a part of the government program blablabAR

  • We drove through the town yesterday and I was looking at the number of businesses and crappy shops that were obviously closed due to the quarantine. I was thinking to myself 90% of them would have gone out of business years agoin if they were in the UK operating under normal conditions.

    They either make or sell overpriced shit.

  • yea, read that there is already 200 cases of corruption cases opened up because of overpricing.......also malbran for a few billions or trillions, no idea.....

    Thank God for the virus!!!!!

  • The wife was getting all worked up when Lanata was on last night. I told her to forget about it as history shows fuck all will happen anyway. Corruption is just part of Argentinas DNA and always will be unless someone in high office ends up being proven guilty and ends up behind bars for many years. No sign of that happening.

  • im exited to see what is going to happen with the left wing extremist firing his homemade bazooka against the police two years ago.

    He got caught in Uruguay after being on the run since then. There was an interpol capture order.

    I can already say at this moment: nothing will happen!

    To shoot a bazooka against police would be considered a serious offence in most countries,with a severe penalty......not months but years!!!!

  • Agreed. No one will ever be prosecuted, let alone go to jail without collecting £100.

    Pretty sure every Argentine is 'at it' in some shape or form. Even the chuchgoing old dear who lives across the road from us will be guilty of doing something. The peso being worthless just encourages it.