Goverment buys for 574 million peso food

  • I think this really deserves its own thread!

    The government announced they just put in an order for 574 million pesos of food supply for the poor.....great!

    If it wasn't for the catch that the pay up to 50% higher prices than the supermarket prices!!!!!!

    Could someone please explain me this without using the word CORRUPTION?

    Just some basic stuff: when u buy large quantities of something , u normally get a much better price, plus the price in the supermarket is marked up for the transport costs, middlemen and the supermarket profit.

    How on earth, can it that be that much more expensive buying directly from the producer in large quantities????

    If you still was in the believe that the Muppets in charge are the saviors of Argentina, u should really reconsider!!!

    How do you justify closing chinos or other supermarkets charging over prices, when their over prices are still less that what you allow???????

    The virus came just in time for our huge group of professional con men......with this emergency situation, you can let anything go through, in the name of the holy spirit!!!!

    By the way, the claim that supermarkets are marking up un necessarily and making huge profits, I think got shot down with this whole purchase!

    I find it amazing what is allowed and what passes directly in front of the people.....if this is not and example of dirty corruption in its finest, I dont know what it is......and it's not even disguised!!!

  • Corrupt politicians just LOVE an opportunity like a good ole pandemic, to shower voters with goodies, thus winning votes while simultaneously enriching themselves.

    I’m glad that the govt is providing food for the poor. Just NOT glad that the taxpayers will be soaked instead of paying fair market value.

  • Just some basic stuff: when u buy large quantities of something , u normally get a much better price, plus the price in the supermarket is marked up for the transport costs, middlemen and the supermarket profit.

    How on earth, can it that be that much more expensive buying directly from the producer in large quantities????

    It doesn't work like this in Argentina. Have you ever noticed how multi-packs of products are often more expensive here than single units? Or, there's no reduction for buying multiple. Yogurts and dessert pots are an example. One Ser Flan (for example) costs 35 pesos for one pot. They come in packs of four, but four literally cost 4x35, 140 pesos.

    It's not like that anywhere else in the world but in Argentina it happens. Luckily, multi-packs are not really a common thing here.

  • Semigoodlooking ...

    The government are buying the products directly from the producer/distributor and paying a price that is well above what the price is in the supermarket, (which have added profit margin, transport costs etc.).

    The multipack thing is a marketing thing, has nothing to do with this! They sometimes sell multipack products more expensive because many just automatically rather pick up a large bundle than single items...... without doing the cost per item calculation. I have catched myself doing it a few times, f.ex shopping soap. But again, this is not a government related issue but a marketing and supermarket issue.

    There is absolutely NO WAY to justify or explain this, period!!!!!

    And again the claim that supermarkets have unreasonable big profit margins and that the chinos mark up their products to take advantage of the situation, goes down the hatch!!!!!

    And again, to make it explicit: if a product cost 100 in the supermarket, probably the wholesale price is 50, and the government would pay 150 for that product, meaning putting 2/3 of the money in own pockets!!!!

    Whether this thread is true or not, you simple read the multiple newspapers available, I don't need to post 10 links!

  • Halt the purchase

    The good Messiah 🤡 now said he would halt the purchase because of the inflated price.......

    Or to say it in a different way: the seller told him to bring by the bags of bribe money n cash and not include in on the final bill!!!!! Thought that he would have known how this stuff works!

  • Splinter, given the discrepancy you quoted between supermarket prices and those charged to the govt, if govt players aren’t skimming, where does the extra money go? If the wholesalers are taking advantage of taxpayers by charging the govt more than retail, isn’t that also corruption, only with a different set of beneficiaries?

  • @JAN

    I know how much you like to take the piss out of the peronchos, but this can't be compared to the K corruption bags full of money going into the Olivos Quinta and in fact, I don't believe there's any corruption here at all.

    Not because I'm being naive or giving Uncle Albert the benefit of the doubt.

    Hahaha now I Know u r trolling?????

    Don't u think it's corrupted to pay stuff for government money over 50% over the market value????

    Read a little through the news please.....behind all the purchases is one single company!!!!

    This is a purchase if 574 million pesos...... assuming that the really value is around a third, (please read my earlier post), this leaves 400 million pesos spread!!!!

    If u can't see any corruption in this transaction, I cannot help u!!!!

    Corruption is sometimes very complicated to see because of many different links and so on, but this one is so obvious u cannot miss it.

    And just to explain how it could have worked out: Alberto and the goons agree with one distributor to buy product xxx for 50, he then agree that they make the bill at 150 instead, and the 100 they split, 50 for each. Everyone is happy...... except of the Argentinian people, which have been conned!!!!

    The government feels so strong in their position now that they don't even think they need to cover up their scamming…........incredible!!!!!

  • Corruption is sometimes very complicated to see because of many different links and so on, but this one is so obvious u cannot miss it.

    Coming from a country which is worldwide known for its corruption and organized criminal activities, I was appalled to find out how much more naïve is the level of corruption in Argentina.

    To be more clear: in Italy there are corruption and organized criminal activities, but they involve companies within companies, subcontracts, hard-to-understand business schemes and family and business relationship between the people involved. They at least try to hide it. It takes a good investigational journalist some months, if not years, to uncover these things. Then people caught by the journalist start saying they are not involved, or that didn't know that X was doing Y, it was all behind their back, etc. There is a proper criminal investigation, a couple or more years later there is a hearing and the claim goes on for another 10-15 years.

    In Argentina it is all under the sun, and even a 5 years old (of any nationality but Argentinian) can realize it immediately. Nobody is denying anything, they are either pointing fingers to someone else who did something far worse (according to them) OR simply avoiding to reply to charges/questions. There is no investigational journalism because evidently there is no need to uncover anything, since it's all visible. There is always a court involved and then it ends there. Nothing happens. There is no indignation, no need to at least fake to want to sort it before the justice.

    It happened / it didn't happen - then what?!

  • So the bottom line is that Daniel Arroyo, the minister for social development, has been caught with his fingers in the cookie jar and yet the president is supporting him, saying that he believes in Arroyo's honesty?

    I've lived here long enough to know about corruption in this country, but find it hard to believe that Arroyo would openly line his own pockets under the gaze of millions in such circumstances.

    Furthermore, this food being bought by the government is being given to the poor and not sold to them, with the implication that the real price they are paying is the government fixed price and Arroyo and his cronies pocketing the difference.

    If Arroyo had been removed and proven to be a thief, then that would be a different matter. Or are people suggesting that the president is turning a blind eye based on historical and habitual corruption that we all accept as normal day to day practice in Argentina?

    I don't buy it.

  • How can you really believe that Arroyo didn't know they were paying premium price? And we are talking 150% not a slim increase...

    They were parading how they will fine stores that practice excessive prices to try to exploit the situation, and the next day they buy from them in bulk?!

  • Splinter ...

    Everyone get a split of the deal, that's how corruption works!!!!! I already described how this deal would's really 101 in corruption....first lesson!!!!

    If they split evenly or at which rate, I don't know and I don't think it matters!

    The president and his goons are well aware of the prices of the products, otherwise how would they be able to claim supermarkets are charging to much etc.!!!!

    Isn't it ironic to think about: by buying the stuff by uncle COTO, that u r trying to destroy and accuse of taking advantage of people, u could save the taxpayer, the state, Argentina for 50-75%, (again please read my earlier post regarding markup, retail prices etc). If that does not show how corrupted and perverted the goons are. And to make the whole thing worse: the food is distributed to the "poor" that are already being subsidized with all their planes and freebies!!!!

    It's such an openly scam that u can't miss.....and there is a lot more to come......because the argumentation is this: "how can you be wrong in helping the poor people"!!!!! Thank God for the coronavirus came, otherwise it would have been more difficult camouflaging how you are robbing the money again again again!

  • Supplier offered fideos at 28 pesos

    Getting worse and worse.....


    Ahora alguien, que seguro no es Arroyo, limitó mi marca en la nueva licitación. Hay que buscar al culpable y detenerlo porque hace quedar mal a Arroyo, al Presidente y a todo el peronismo", explicó.

    Now someone, who surely is not Arroyo, limited my brand in the new tender. You have to find the culprit and arrest him because it makes Arroyo, the President and all Peronism look bad, "he explained.

    Now it's clearer.