Sending money from Uk to argentina

  • Hey Guys..I was due to fly back over to patagonia on thursday but flight has been suspended.

    I am wanting to know the best way to send cash to someone in argentina..I have heard about the 30 percent tarrif but not sure exactly how it works and if there is any work around it..

    Thinking bank transfer or western union style payment..Its in Rio Gallegos i am sending it.

    Thanks in Advance


  • Is there any way to get close to the Blue Rate without a bank account in the UK?

    I was banking with Natwest for years, in fact all the time I was in Argentina. They never knew I was here until last year when I had to do some calls to them. I made what I realize now was a huge mistake and told them I live in Argentina. I should have told them I was just on vacation.

    On the surface NatWest supports clients who live abroad, but it seems Argentina is one of the countries with no official support. While the guy I spoke to (on an unrelated matter) was ok with it, last November I suddenly found my account closed. The explanation was I don't live in the UK (even though I have my father's address and am on the electoral). Luckily I never really kept huge amounts in it, preferring to filter more quikcly to my accounts here. However, I still lost £200 when they closed the account. I had no idea banks had the right to do this but it seems they do, although I am appealing.

    Anyway, to cut it short, I was left without a bank account in the UK and opening one online has proven to be a no-go. That means I am using PayPal and Nubi to get paid here, but it's at the official rate. Under Macri that was ok, but now its a disaster as I am losing around 15 pesos for every dollar I earn.

  • I have used Transferwise to pay my expenses in Argentina a couple of time when there was no difference between the blue and the official rate. The recipient received pesos from a local bank (I believe banco Francés), and he didn't see the transfer as an international one so there was no paperwork involved.

    The exchange rate was good and the TW fee was maybe 1-3 euros per transfer (over about €100).

    This was 1 year ago, if not more. Different government, perhaps different rules now!