Is it legal to use VPN in Argentina?

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  • Hi, I have just visited Argentina for few days, and I use VPN in my daily usage. I am wondering is legal to use a VPN here? or should I stop using it here?

  • I don’t think there is anything preventing you to use VPN. It is just a tool. Now, why you use it for can infringe terms of uses of a specific service/vendor.

    For example, using VPN to bypass geo-limitations on multimedia content may be forbidden by your multimedia provider.

    as far as I know, there is no fine for it.

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  • Thanks Serafina for answering, Yes i usually use it to bypass Geo restrictions or to secure my connection while using public wifi.

  • I had a paid subscription to Nord VPN for two years and it was not any good to watch Hulu. It was too slow and the servers got blocked every so often anyway.

    What VPN would you recommend to bypass Amazon Prime and Netflix geo restrictions?

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  • Serafina, I would suggest you to try ExpressVPN or PureVPN. They are oldest ones in industry and also they have multiple servers for streaming in different countries. Also I would suggest that use there OpenVPN protocol while doing the streaming on Netflix or Amzon prime, as its most secure protocol and does not get easily detected. Also you can use these guides to set them up.…p-vista-7-8-with-openvpn/

  • Thank you! Can I use them with Apple TV or should I install them on the computer and connect them to the TV?
    I am using Telecentro’s modem-router, so I don’t think I have much flexibility

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