Newspapers in Argentina and at home

  • I’m curious about what Argentine newspapers forum members prefer?

    And I’d also like to know what national (not local) newspaper(s) from your home countries you’d recommend?

  • I just read la nación, but just for fun. I don’t think it’s deeply informative. It’s more like a light hearted magazine, to me. Especially since they’ve locked the most interesting and political content to paid members only.

    An acquaintance recommended Perfil, but I rarely remember to check it.
    I read Clarín from time to time, but only if I stumble across it in a café. I never actively visit their homepage.

    From home, I used to read Corriere della Sera bit I’ve stopped reading Italian newspapers for good. I am done with Italy. Period!

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  • Never read a newspaper fact neither does my wife. She stopped the delivery of the local daily newspaper about a year ago. My mother in law gets Clarin delivered.

    Back in the UK I used to buy a newspaper every morning to read on my daily commute to work by train/bus. Then when the free Metro newspaper appeared I stopped buying one.

  • I started having La Nacion around 3 years ago but cancelled it after around six months. My in-laws have Clarin and I read it sporadically. I don't rate either of them. In general, the level of reporting and information across all media here is substandard in my opinion.

    I still subscribe to The Guardian back in the UK. I read the sports section of the Daily Mail. The newspaper itself can be insufferable but the sports are fairly complete and well reported. I just think there's so much choice now that there's no need to be tied down to one outlet. You can choose your preferred across genres. I have websites/newspapers I go to for politics, others for sports, others for tech, etc.

    In terms of magaznies, I have been a long time reader of National Geographic and had every issue from 1998 to 2002 and then most issues (around 8-10 per year) after. When I moved to Argentina I could find nowhere that does an English print version and I just don't like it digitally, so I have not read it in years. I miss it.

  • I only read a printed newspaper when my neighbour goes on holiday and asks me to fetch La Nacion of his driveway , where the delivery boy leaves it.

    Otherwise , I read on the web

    The Independent , The Scotsman , El Pais from Spain , Marca ( a Spanish football and sports daily)

    In Argentina , I like INFOBAE and sometimes Ambito Financiero.

  • With that amount of reading to get through every day I'm surprised you ever get time to do any work. :P