SemiGoodLook - How was your 36th birthday?

  • I was checking profiles and noticed it was in fact Semi's birthday yesterday.

    **It's the Logo of The Boston Bruins.

    Serafina solved the question rather quickly.

  • I have recently arrived in a time zone 7 hours behind Argentina. So I tend to open the forum page half a day after the rest of you, and dive in to keep up.

    I just saw the lively exchange about your avatar. Not being a big sports fan, I was clueless. I think you and @JAN may share a playful sense of humor.

  • Enjoy your time zone Rice!

    We all in our own way like to play.

    The written word is a brain stimulant if used properly.

    As a new addition to the board, I am fully engaged and enjoy the company / camaraderie of you all.