Does anyone know the significance / meaning of my AVATAR?

  • its clearly that u have used a lot of time to elect the appropriate avatar that defines the name of the spirit, the Santos, the estate of kommolombo in the holy Buddhist peacofeologica.....

    So, say Boston

  • DEFINITELY SO - This is BOSTON through and through!

    It's awful hard to get more Boston than this, although it is very possible to equal it in a few similar ways.

    It's as Boston as Paul Revere, The Boston Tea Party, The Boston Massacre and Faneuil Hall from colonial times.

    It's as Boston as The North End (The Italian section), Southie (South Boston's Irish district), CHINA TOWN, or The Back Bay and Newburst Street along with Prudential Center (The best places according to me.)

    It's as Boston as Harvard University (Although that is technically in Cambridge!) It's as Boston as Boston Baked Beans, The Boston Beer Company and Fenway Franks.

    And lastly a hint (UNA PISTA) The Boston Marathon!

  • I really admire marathon......but I myself is into triathlon......first a beer, then some wine and finally a glass of whisky....

  • Serafina,

    Take a bow ... such a great detective that you are ... or should I say ...

    ¿Que atenta?

    Yes, How attentive you are!!

    The Boston Bruins are an ice hockey club playing The National Hockey League. They came into existence in 1925 as, I believe the first US based team. If not it was The New York Rangers ... I always get that mixed up!

    Anyway, the logo for the Boston Bruins tells it all. Here is some insight:

    Boston is known as "The Hub." (Not going into this now!)

    What is a hub?

    Merely another term for a wheel on something that rolls, such as an automobile or truck.

    The Boston Bruins logo is incredibly brilliant in that the "B" is the center of the hub while the 8 "SPOKES" of the hub connect to the surface of the wheel. In a sense this is "The Spoked B" of the Boston Bruins Hockey Club.

    The city has four (Five if you include what is a secondary sport in North America "SOCCER" which I believe is better abled as "FUTBOL." But that would create a problem for American Tackle Football ... known as "FOOTBALL."

    The Boston Bruins, The Boston Red Sox (Baseball) The Boston Celtics (Basketball) and The New England Patriots (Football). The fifth is The New England Revolution (Futbol / Soccer).

    The area, like any other part of the world really embraces it's local teams. Our area has had more world champions (COLLECTIVELY across the four major league sports teams.) over the past couple of decades. It is a city of champions. And that transcends sport. Boston is an incredible city with an incredible culture. I am proud to be from the area and very grateful to know it as someone from the area.

    So ... I can think of no better AVATAR to represent me.

    Side note, I grew up playing the sport of ice hockey. I loved it and I still do. I played to the pre college level, before I gave up the idea of a career in the sport. When you get to that level, the players are physical specimens, I simply could not keep up. Perhaps in another life, God will bestow upon me a different body with which to compete!

    Serafina, such a brilliant job. A woman always knows best!

    (I believe you are a woman given your screen name - If I am wrong - my apologies.)