Strange lack of movement in exchange rate

  • There must be a lot of behind-the-scenes manipulation taking place, for the official dollar exchange rates to still be at 58.7 compra and 63.7 venta. Any ideas on what is going on?

  • That's what happens to a country which has a Mickey Mouse currency and relies so much on the US dollar. Rather than the Government others call the tune....hence why the country is such a financial disaster. I can't see anything changing.

  • its so obvious that all the rates are manipulated!!!!!

    First if all: the official rate NEED to be low, that's the way how you can screw the campo when they liquidate their stock!

    All the other rates are also manipulated, Little or a lot, impossible to know!

    The only rate that gives an idea of anything is the Western Union rate.....because that's a private company taking the risk of exchanging usd/pesos........but my guess is that they are having more transactions from foreigners like us, paying usd and then handing out toilet paper.

    The true value of the peso I guess we will soon least before end of the year! Be aware, will not be anywhere close to where it is now, that's for sure......

    There is NO human being that are interested in buying pesos......unless it's like us, who need to do for daily living......

    The peso have little backing, meaning economy behind to support it..... specially when u know country is in debt up till the neck.....

    I think we need to keep 2001/2 in mind to predict how much peso could fall......

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    Well, the pesos is up to almost 62 after months at 59-something :th_giggle01:

    I can't really understand why Argentinians, who crowd the streets for anything, do not flood Plaza de Mayo demanding a fair economy. Maybe most of them are not affected by it? Or fail to grasp it, empathizing only with murdered/dead people, instead?

    A few days ago, Nicolas Dujovnes, former Economy Minister under Macri, declared:

    “Tengo todo mi dinero declarado y en blanco”, argumentó ante Infobae. Ante la consulta de por qué mantuvo gran parte de su patrimonio en el exterior, respondió: “Había empezado a traer una parte, pero me iban a cuestionar por qué elegía tal o cual banco, y decidí que cuanto menos cambios o movimientos en mi patrimonio siendo ministro, mejor”.

    N. Dujovne, ex ministro de Economía