Eight years of Argentina Expats

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    Argentina Expats began in 2012 as a .com.ar site hosted locally in Buenos Aires and we had around sixteen members, many of whom had crossed over from another place. Looking back, it's interesting to see that we were actually discussing similar topics at that time (2012-2013) such as vulture funds, another financial crisis, protests (remember 8N?) and other subjects which still ring true today.

    Here's one about Moreno, remember him?


    Economy Minister, G. Moreno now states that he wishes to be officially named as plaintiff in the case surrounding alleged death threats against him.

    These alleged death threats are said to have taken the shape of Moreno photoshopped into an open coffin, clearly showing a red coloured dot on his forehead.

    This is hardly a surprising reaction from someone who spends most of his waking moments threatening others.

    By 2014 we were up to around 40 members and by 2017, that number had grown to 70.

    By December 2017 the downtime and server problems at the Argentine host forced us to find a new domain (.org), to set up hosting in the US and completely start from scratch, which is what we did with WoltLab forum software. From what I can gather, the previous host - Grupo Argentina Web - are no longer in business.

    It's fun to look back and see how Argentina Expats has evolved in eight years and certainly the decision to make a major breakaway just over two years ago was entirely correct and the right thing to do.

    By the way, we changed domain from .com.ar to .org to avoid paying a new tax introduced on .ar domain names. If it moves, tax it, but that's another subject.