'EXOTIC' fruits in the garden...

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  • I'm used to picking figs,lemons,oranges,grapefruit,walnuts,almonds in the garden but now we're are hopefully going to have bananas.



  • great!!!! Let's sell Argentina under the label the new Ecuador! Hahaha

    I'm like u, I'm so fascinated with plants that would not survive in Europe........

    My latest indoor was two plants carnivores for my daughter.........then I got a plants mimosa also.....

    Closing the leaves when u touch them!

    Just sitting in garden and watching a colibri sucking nectar from a plant......such an incredible creature.....so beautiful!

  • That's the MIL's one out in the countryside. If I never saw it again it wouldn't bother me in the slightest....far too much f'ing work!!

  • I’m envisioning a full-fledged banana plantation about to be born, UK Man !

    Truth be told I'm not all that keen on eating bananas. I usually only eat them when the missus slices them onto a fruit salad or when I bake them whole on the grill stuffed with brown sugar, butter and dark rum...delicious with cream or ice cream.

    I'd love to take care of a garden like that. It would be deeply satisfying.

    I know but after spending most of my working life in the UK as a horticulturist the last thing I need during my 'retirement years' is to be working for nowt!! Especially as we also have an ample sized garden at home in town to look after!!