Noisy neighbours

  • Our neighbours are not very friendly at all, with the ones directly next door enjoying their boom box disco sound loud enough to peel paint off the walls.

    The ones opposite have the most terrible arguments with the kids, which is so loud and vicious that I fear one day someone will end up dead. The screaming is sometimes hysterical and not in a funny way.

    Then last night as we were falling asleep, we heard swearing outside and when I could tolerate it no longer, I went out and it was another neighbour, blind drunk having been kicked out of the house by his wife. I told him to suffer in silence, but didn't hang around because drunks are very unpredictable.

    We would move, but there are good reasons why we are not and those reasons will become clear in time, so we have to suffer it.

    Oh and I'm the only one who ever goes outside to tell people to shut the f*** up, which is odd.

  • Neighbours can be a pain in the arse so you have my sympathy. When we lived in Glasgow we had a noisy sod in the flat above us who played music at all hours. We were renting so moved out as soon as the six month contract ended.

    We're actually very fortunate here in that we don't have anyone too close to us. We used to, but when the property on one side of us came up for sale we bought it to prevent having to put up with neighbours that close. It was rented out so we never knew who we were going to get. That must be about ten years ago and apart from knocking a hole in the garden wall to give us extra garden space the house itself has lain empty and is pretty much in the same state as we bought it. As the price we paid was for the plot rather than the bricks and mortar it's money in the bank.

    On the other side there is a gap between us and the middle aged couple so we never hear a thing....they're sensible anyway. At the back we have two shop properties joining our boundary wall so no problem there. The rest of the neighbours in the street are fine...we exchange greetings when we see each other and that's about it. Biggest problem we have are from those who park their cars outside our house to use the shade from the trees we planted....bastards!!

  • Do you rent or own your home Splinter?

    One thing which has surprised me about Argentina is the number of people who rent their home rather than buy.....even amongst those who could afford to buy but don't.