Ricky Gervais set the record straight in Hollywood

  • Ricky Gervais changes with time. I lived his The Office when it was first released. Tried to watch it again after a few years, and it was annoying.
    I liked his last movie on Nextflix on a man who loses his wife to cancer and his sarcasm becomes bitterness. But the end didn’t keep up with the beginning of the movie.

    I also liked his stand up show on Netflix, but in some bits he was childish.

    So, it swings between good and not good. Not sure if it is up to the viewer or up to him, though!

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  • I have always thought his masterpiece was Extras. He can write funny very well and fell into Pilkington and milked it for all it was worth. The Office is a time and a place thing, but still being copied to this day. Also, it relies on seeing it for the first time in my opinion because so much of it is Brent saying unexpected things.

    That said, the movie he did "Life On The Road" while a pale imitaiton of The Office still had me and my wife chuckling simply because Brent is so pathetic. Although, it becomes problematic as you increasingly realize Brent has a proper mental problem, it's not quite as funny then.

    I find him fairly annoying as a personality but I do enjoy him holding these actors over the fire a little bit.