Corona virus

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  • As far as I can tell, this period will be extended at least for another week.

    Aren’t we quarantined until May 3 already? You mean it will be extended another week into May?

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  • such a joke.......

    Let's boil it down:

    Everyone in the risk group could for my sake do whatever they want, if it wasn't for the fact that they put other in the risk group in further risk in case they need to occupy a hospital bed!!!!

    So it's that simple!

    It's like driving at high speed....U don't only put yourself in danger but also others!!!!

    So of course the most logical is to keep the risk group of the street and with the least contact as possible......not to suddenly fill up the hospital beds so that others in the risk group that are staying home in carantena cant get a bed if they get seriously sick........

    But ok, I wouldn't expect the majority here in Argentina to either understand it or respect it.....

  • But ok, I wouldn't expect the majority here in Argentina to either understand it or respect it.....

    Their world ends at 'my rights'. And someone agrees.

    The lady in question is a mouthful...

    Coronavirus en la Argentina: quién es la jubilada de 83 años que salió a tomar sol en Palermo

    "Es el primer otoño, en mi larga vida, que se puede tomar sol a esta altura. ¿Lo iba a desperdiciar cuando estoy acostumbrada a tomarlo desde toda mi vida?", le dijo Sara a Guillermo Andino en Informados de Todo (América) .

    Luego, la mujer sostuvo que ayer los agentes de la Policía de la Ciudad no respetaron el protocolo de prevención ante el Covid-19. "Ojalá las hubieran tomado los policías que se me acercaban a 50 centímetros", dijo la mujer y agregó: "A una le tuve que dar un empujón porque fue lo más guarango del planeta".

  • I fully get their point......if they wanna die, no problem......but that's not the's putting other in danger, (not being able to be hospitalized and and and).

    Whatever....we live here so long so we know how it works here.....

  • I don’t hate the president, but I do wonder if the writer is a Peronist, from not-too-subtle put-downs of Macri.

    Other than the anti-Macri bias, good article.

  • This is the first time I've come across The Nation and this is a very well written article that doesn't skimp on the facts.

    However,this is a brave statement from Fernandez...


    After the pandemic, everything will be different. We’ll live in another world. I believe that ours is a time of reflection, in which we can recover something that postmodernity has robbed of us.”

    The politicians will live in the same world since they have shown no inclination to change at all, ignoring all pleas to take a cut in their salaries and benefits that they greedily cling onto.

  • the coronavirus will be remembered as a nice time here in Argentina......what is around the corner is not nice.......

    By luck, most of us, the active users, live in places that will be less affected than others.......

    It will be a hell hole many places in Buenos Aires...... already now the peso is dropping like a stone...120 to the dollar......and this is only the beginning of the fall! At same time controlling prices, to avoid well in Venezuela.

    Argentina is in default, no money whatsoever, and the printing is running 24/7........when the country is over the quarantine and ready to return to the new "normality", people will realize what that normality is.....and that's not gonna be a humane normality!!!!! So the extreme "humanity" we see now is borrowed, borrowed money and borrowed time!!!!!

    When I look at all the people on albys team, I can only find one I would believe could be taken, just by looking at them I shake my head..... Gines, Vizzoti, Vanoli, the surfer dude......Donno his name.......all just by looking at them u can see they are lost, and when speaking u get confirmed!!!!!! scary!!!!!

    Everything is nice and controlled now, that's what's alby also like, even the lazy are happy, hanging around at home like always and getting paid at same time.......

    But this little happy party will end, and when it end, hell will be loose!!!!!

    So the humanity of today is gonna be the hell of tomorrow!!!! The government cannot feed 44 million people.....and when they end the quarantine and tell people to go back to work, the work is gone, and Little alby doesn't have more money to distribute.......

    Can be it looks like he is doing a great job, because handing out money and helping is easy.....getting a country in grip financial is another thing......and that he and his goons will never manage.....

  • We are now allowed to go for a one hour walk no more than 500 metres - five blocks - from where we live, apparently.

    What haven't been specified are:

    Alone or with others?

    How to monitor the time taken?

    Should you take your ID with you?

    I welcome the measure because, let's face it, the chances of becoming infected out in the open air, several metres from anyone else, are apparently remote.

    But human nature being what it is, this will undoubtedly be abused.

  • Should you take your ID with you?

    I thought carrying an ID with you was mandatory at all times.

    It looks like in Capital, being Larreta (Cambiemos) the governor, he was nor pleased nor informed about this relaxed measure and he is saying he will be discussing with his men on how to implement this. I wonder if they will be discussing HOW or IF...

    Yesterday there were 55 new cases in CABA, and the day before it was 79, two days before 37...

    La notificación del Presidente se dio en momentos en que en el gobierno porteño, epicentro del contagio local, creció la preocupación por un fenómeno que se incrementó en los últimos: cada día más porteños salen de sus hogares. ¿Cómo se controlará la nueva flexibilización? Nadie pudo responder esta pregunta.

    En el monitoreo diario que realiza el gobierno porteño se ve con claridad que hay más gente en la calle y subió la cantidad de pasajeros en el transporte público, uno de los focos de contagio más importantes. A eso se sumará, a partir de mañana, la autorización a todas las personas para a salir hasta a 500 metros de su casa para actividades recreativas.

  • I strongly doubt they will reinforce it in anyway except of if u gather with other people.....

    serafina when u go out with ur hubby u just do it the Arab way: 2 meters behind ur hubby! Hahaha

    I really would just walk without worrying to worst case u say u r on way to shop......

  • serafina when u go out with ur hubby u just do it the Arab way: 2 meters behind ur hubby! Hahaha

    My husband won't let me out, regardless of what the peronchos say! I must admit that they aren't exactly known for being the smart ones.. :mask: