Corona virus

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  • yep, the point is: all numbers are numbers that China come with.......I wouldn't trust them one bit! Who would close down million of million people, build emergency hospitals like crazy, if this was just another harmless flu!

    The truth is not out yet, and I bet when it's all in control, the numbers that will come out will be crazy!!!

    China is lying and holding back real facts and numbers!!!!!

  • I can’t help wondering exactly what happened to the Chinese doctor who tried to warn about the virus, now conveniently dead -

  • According to the BA Times,

    Argentina was one of the last countries in the region to announce a solution for its citizens stranded in China. With the support of France, Mexico evacuated 10 people on February 1, while Brazil did the same with 34 of its nationals one week later.

    Argentina initially attempted to evacuate its citizens on the Brazilian Air Force flight that arrived in China on 8 February. However, the government of Jair Bolsonaro announced that no more slots were available after offering to repatriate Polish citizens.

    According to reports in the Brazilian newspaper Folha de S. Paulo citing anonymous Brazilian officials, the decision to transfer "Europeans and not South Americans" had "displeased diplomats from neighbouring countries."