Argentina and teeth

  • Looking at Alberto's teeth - - unattractive and huge, but impossible to ignore, because of the way he displays every tooth in his mouth - - made me think about different countries' attitudes towards teeth. Americans are often ridiculed by Europeans because of the emphasis on perfectly aligned, white-white teeth. (the Hollywood influence?) Similarly, Americans are sometimes too aware of irregular, missing, discolored or otherwise imperfect teeth. With everyone's collective experience and firsthand knowledge, I'm curious about where Argentines fall on the tooth prejudice scale?

  • The missus looks after hers maybe because they're on display a lot. Hers aren't perfect by any means but she would never go to get them made perfect....don't remember her ever going to her dentist just to have them whitened either.

    Due to my face/mouth shape mine stay hidden most of the time unless I laugh which doesn't happen very often living in Argentina. ^^ Probably just as well given my smoking habit.

  • A lot of big teeth I see here and not really a care if their straight or not. However, most people I see in Argentina seem to look after their teeth in terms of daily routines.

    My teeth are good aesthetically, they are straight enough and white enough. However, I have soft poor quality teeth, which must be genetic. Weak teeth.

    As for Americans, I have never met anyone from the states with good teeth (massive exaggeration for effect). Often very white, and very straight, but also often crowned. I mean if you have five crowns, you don't really have good teeth, you have a good dentist.