• We are looking at flight options between EZE and Miami, and I'm seeing flights on LATAM, which we haven't flown, post-merger, although we always liked LAN Peru. Does anyone have experience with LATAM?

  • I always fly LATAM when I visit home (EZE-GRU-MXP) because they let you carry two checked luggage in Economy, plus one cabin.

    I only have praises for them, the dining is nicely presented and the staff is courteous. The seating is okay.

    I don't have a great experience, but last time we flew Alitalia, in comparison, the seating was bare and uncomfortable, the personnel was too cold.

    I'd also rather fly the longer leg directly into Milan when I visit, because the opposite (long leg first) in the outbound flight is tiring.

    I'd rather arrive tired in Buenos Aires than vice versa.

  • Unfortunately no. We’re trying to use AA award travel, and they are making available only partner flights with stops in Lima or Saõ Paolo. The latter is out of the question (10 hrs on the ground in SP), and the LATAM through Peru, while better, would require us to leave Palermo at 3:30 am.

    Still looking....

  • LATAM will no longer be part of Oneworld from later this year so time is running out for you to use your AA miles with them...they're joining Skyteam.

    Used to fly TAM before they merged with LAN and never had a problem in both economy and business class from London via Sao Paulo. Reports suggest both LAN and TAM have dropped in quality since the merger....something I can well believe as they were barely profitable. When I first flew TAM the Captain used to stand and greet his passengers at the door.

    I'd always fly direct even when the non direct product is better. Even more so if you're flying Biz class where it doesn't really matter as it's really the extra space you're paying for.

  • Do you remember what their carry-on bag policy is?

    Luggage policy may differ depending on the route. As I have never flown from North America to South America, I am not sure the same will apply.

    I usually travel with two checked luggages, one carry-on (I think it's up to 9 kg) and a Samsonite computer backpack. Never had any issue. I think they weighted the carry-on once.


  • I never like a policy of weighed carryons. Just another thing to watch out for.

    The thing that is really giving me pause is that LATAM flies from South to North America during the day rather than overnight. Our early morning flight would require our leaving Palermo at 4 am. When we are barreling through the neighborhoods leading to the Airport highway midday, with lots of traffic, we pay it no mind. But I’m not crazy about being in those areas at 4 am with few other cars or people around. Is this paranoia?

  • No idea how AA miles work regarding cancelling redemption tickets but if you get a full refund then you could always book them in the hope that availability appears at a later date for something direct.

  • There's a $150 per person charge for canceling or for changing the date or itinerary. That's a $300 incentive to make a decision now and stick with it. Or a $600 incentive if a second, even better, schedule opens up.

    I'm deciding that being wary of empty streets at 4 am is probably smarter than taking a chance of being the subject of yet another violent crime headline. Situational awareness probably isn't very helpful if practiced only part time.

  • Yes it's a horrible time to have to go to the airport. Whenever we've had such an early flight in the past we always stay the night at an airport hotel...however I don't think there is one at Ezeiza...at least not one within a short walk from the terminal.

    I would wait and see if more award seats open up especially if you're flexible on dates.

  • You bring up something I have wondered about. I’ve never seen the slightest sign of an airport hotel at EZE. Were I in the hotel business, I’d certainly have given that a look. Captive audience, no competition - - what’s not to like?

  • Many years ago there was a hotel . An ugly building about 5/6 stories high when you enter the airport complex , juts before you turn to get to the main terminal.

    It now houses the corporate offices of the airport management company

    There is the Holiday Inn Ezeiza about 8kms /9kms from the airport.

    There is a Howard Johnson in Canning about 16kms from the airport.

    Canning also has a number of small hostels as well.

  • i understand that there is an unwritten agreement between the airport management company and the mayor of Ezeiza town not to build a hotel on airport property .

    Why? Not too sure

    But it might be that some of his family members are shareholders in the Holiday Inn franchise... only a rumour , of course

  • The only surprise there is that the owners of the Holiday Inn franchise don’t springboard their holdings into a higher-end on site hotel attractive to international visitors. If a flight cancellation or dawn flight left me stranded at the airport overnight, it would probably be a tossup between just hunkering down in an airport chair or hauling my luggage to a taxi for an outdated hotel 8 km away. But if I could just roll my luggage down a corridor to enter a Marriott or Hyatt, that would be an easy choice.