Do you have a sweet tooth...if so what is your fix?

  • I have a sweet tooth which In Scotland was very easy to satisfy......strawberry tarts and chocolate eclairs were a regular purchase for me at the bakers to have with a coffee. A myriad of chocolate items could be bought cheaply at the newsagent or supermarket....a Cadbury Creme Egg was to die for.

    I don't expect to get the same variety and quality at reasonable prices I was used to in the UK, So I was just wondering what fellow sweet toothers buy here to satisfy their habit? Aside from KitKats I'm struggling to be honest.

  • I guess I’m lucky not to have much of a sweet tooth, UK Man. My downfall is pizza, and I’m lucky/unlucky enough to find plenty of that in Argentina!

    Well your reply isn't much use Rice. :P

    I also like savoury however I'm not really a fan of the overated flat bread with cheese topping hot thingy...much prefer a cheese and ham toastie to be honest.Lot cheaper as well!!

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    When I moved here, I really struggled with sweets because here it is always the same 5-10 types of basic cakes (of which 8 with dulce de leche, the 9th and 10th being apple pie and pasta frola) and facturas. It seems trying to sell something original or different, is the certain death for shopkeepers.

    So I used a slice of bread, buttered, with strawberry jam on top. I was hung on the thing for a while.

    Now I'll just buy a small treat from any bakery, although here in the Capital there are a few spots selling decent pastries, but for a hefty price and I have to take the car to get there.

  • I am a sucker for cheescake. It's hit and miss here because you never know what you're going to get from place to place. Still, I am not a snob and basically like any cheesecake you put in front of me. Of course, I will smash a tub of ice cream or bar of chocolate as much as the next person. Oh, add in some carrot cake to my sweet preferences too.

  • I could imagine you would love marroc..... UK Man's the small cubes u can buy in any's very similar to what we call nougat......

    Now also Aquila started to sell it in huge 200-300 gr. Plates......

    Try it if u don't know it yet!!

  • Cheesecake and carrot cake are to my liking as well but not seen any here. There is a new Patagonian chain type ice cream/coffee cafe which opened not long ago which might just have cheesecake. When the missus and I were there we had their Patagonian berry tart was very good. I didn't pay much notice to their other offerings.

    Jan? Is marroc the thing that comes in a small cube...kind of hard chocolate mousse like? Think I've had one and it was nice, not spectacular but alright.

  • For me, in terms of all out candy - I enjoy Cabsha / Maroc / Alfajor (I like the white ones the best!) And something called DRF (The anisette ones, comes in a blue label, but the others are good too!)

  • Havanna Alfajores Mixtos I believe they are???

    6 of each in a one dozen box.

    I enjoy eating them with a nice cup of tea or mate cocido.

  • Well, Argentina off sets their chocolates with other great consumable choices.

    On the whole I truly enjoy the cuisine / selection available. I feel it is well rounded and quite appetizing / appealing to me.

    To share something about me:

    I try to be positive and see the good in things or the goodness in people, circumstances and situations in general because I have had to learn a few tough life lessons that have HUMBLED me. Whenever something is below par or not as good as it can be elsewhere, I try to remind myself that I am here, not there. (Not lecturing, just want to share my point of view for myself.)

    It's just a short, fragile existence we have been loaned ... I just want to go with the flow and do the best I can with what is available. (WOW! I can't believe I wrote that ... A lot of personal growth for me over the past years. Bravo!)

  • Good for you.

    I used to be like that but the years living here have taken their toll. ^^

    Seriously, what annoys me most is I know this country should be up amongst the most successful countries in the world economy wise yet it's nowhere near. They continue to underperform, which is a shame but there you have it.

  • It's due to (At least in my opinion.) the corrupt and broken political system that is in place along with some serious structural problems in world commerce.

    In order for Argentina to thrive, it needs to have international investment and world participation. Mostly absent right now.

    Try as he might have, I think Macri was on the correct path. He just didn't have enough oomph to get the job done in such a tight window of time. History will remember him as an utter failure ... which he was. Thus the country embraces Peronism again.

  • mateo, I think nearly all of us on the board enjoy Argentina how it is and all the great stuff it has to offer.......but still we ask ourselves, how can it be so damn hard to produce some of the most elementary consumer products of a certain quality.......

    chocolate, cheese, yogurt, toilet paper with separations, bananas, tomatoes etc etc........not spaceships.....

    And yes, they are to find, but not that often in supermarkets......